Where Are Crocs Made? Crocs History

If you wonder, where are Crocs made?- let us inform you that currently, they are being manufactured in China, Vietnam, Bosnia, Romania, Argentina, Indonesia, and Herzegovina.

Where Are Crocs Made? All You Should Know About Crocs History Timeline

Being one of the comfiest shoes ever, Crocs are ruling in the footwear field nowadays. 

The journey of this famous Colorado-based American company dates back to 2002. Due to their thriving acceptance, they are now being sold in over 85 countries around the world.

However, if you are interested in exploring where these Croslite-made comfortable shoes are mainly manufactured, we got you covered below.

So, let’s dive into the details!

Where Are Crocs Made? A Brief Crocs History Guide

In recent times, nearly 60% of Crocs are made in China and Vietnam. The rest of the shoes are produced in Bosnia, Indonesia, Romania, Argentina, and Herzegovina. 

Where Are Crocs Made A Brief Crocs History Guide

Crocs shoes were founded by Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson, and George Boedecker Jr. In 2002. The first model was introduced as the Beach and it was a big hit at that time.

The first 200 pairs were manufactured in Florida.  But eventually, they shifted their production to other markets in order to lessen the manufacturing cost.

Initially, Mexico and Italy were two of the most prominent Crocs manufacturers. But due to the fluctuating finances of the company, it got restructured and closed its production in both of these countries in 2018.

Later, they switched their production to countries where the cost of labor and raw materials were cheaper.

Also, the company focused more on low transportation and storage costs along with favorable labor laws to find new hubs to manufacture their footwear.

Resultantly, China and Vietnam became two reliable names for outsourcing Crocs, thanks to their extensive source of raw materials.

Besides, these raw materials such as rubber, foam, plastic, etc. are readily accessible in these countries. And they cost way cheaper than in other countries.

Further to the above, countries like China, Vietnam, Bosnia, Indonesia, etc. charge much more affordable labor wages. At the same time, the labor laws are more favorable too. 

As a result, many other companies like Crocs manufacture their products in these countries to maximize their production on a minimal budget. 

No wonder, Crocs is thinking of India as its next production hub as India ticks all the boxes as a low-cost shoe manufacturing site.

However, though Indonesia is not officially listed as a Crocs manufacturer, you will find a notable number of Indonesia-made Crocs both in stores and online. 

Are Crocs Made in China?

Yes, Crocs are largely made in China. In fact, around 40%-50% of total Crocs products are made in China which makes it the number one global manufacturer of the brand.

Are Crocs Made in China?

As stated above, China became a reliable Crocs production site for many good reasons.

Their extensive manufacturing capability at the lowest possible cost is one of the reasons. 

If you are concerned about the quality of China-made Crocs, rest assured that you are gonna be sold on them.

The company maintains strict quality control for its products wherever the Crocs are made.

Are Crocs Made in Vietnam? 

Yes, indeed. After China, Vietnam is another emerging Crocs manufacturing site with cheap materials and less labor cost.

Are Crocs Made in Vietnam? 

Because of the current tension between US and China, America-based brands are shifting their manufacturing spot from China.

And Vietnam is their number one choice in this rearrangement, thanks to their stable political conditions, favorable labor laws, and affordable raw materials. 

According to Lorna, an absolute footwear geek, Crocs was targeting Vietnam as their main manufacturing plant instead of China. And similar to her claim,  the CEO of the company announced in October 2021  that around 70% of their total production will be switched to Vietnam in near future.

Nevertheless, the ongoing trade war, commercial conflict, and diplomatic rivalry between China and USA led Crocs company to choose Vietnam as its next largest offshore production hub.

Are Crocs Made in the USA?

No, Crocs aren’t currently made in the USA. Rather they are outsourced from seven different countries of the world to reduce the manufacturing cost.

Are Crocs Made in the USA?

Despite being a Colorado-based company headquartered at Broomfield, there’s no official manufacturing site of this famous footwear brand in America. 

However, one of the most significant facts about Crocs is that they focus on high-magnitude production in exchange for lower wages. That offers much higher profit lessening the overall manufacturing cost to a notable extent

Once, they used to make a few shoes in the United States. But that’s not the case anymore.

What Are Original Crocs Made of?

If you ask what Crocs are made of, they are made of an exclusive material called Croslite. It’s a kind of foam resin made out of a polymer named Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA).

What Are Original Crocs Made of?

Basically, Croslite is the key component that makes Crocs so soft, cushioned, and comfortable to wear.

Although the EVA polymer isn’t really plastic, it resembles some of the characteristics of plastic.

Similar to soft plastic, EVA is also an elastomeric material. Resultantly, it plays a vital role to make a pair of Crocs soft and flexible. 

On the same note, the Croslite made from EVA delivers supreme shock and crack resistance ability. 

Aside from that, Croslite also makes your shoe water and UV-resistant. No wonder original Crocs are so durable.

Are Made in Vietnam Crocs Original?

Yes, they are authentic Crocs as Vietnam is an official manufacturing hub for the brand.

Are Made in Vietnam Crocs Original?

But wait, it’s also known as a popular source of counterfeit goods and grey market products.

All you need to do is to spot the differences between a fake and an original pair.

Also, try to buy shoes in-store, on the Crocs website, or from authorized dealers only not to be scammed.  

Where Are Real Crocs Made?

At present, Crocs has been manufacturing its shoes in seven different countries namely China, Vietnam, Bosnia, Argentina, Indonesia, Herzegovina, and Romania. So, you can find an authentic pair in any of the above countries.

Where Are Real Crocs Made?

According to Crocs wiki, the brand used to prominently produce its shoes in Italy and Mexico before it closed its last company-operated manufacturing plants in these countries.

Although Chinese and Vietnamese Crocs are said to be higher-quality than those that used to be made in Mexico.

However, it’s worth mentioning that wherever this innovative footwear is made, you should be able to see its origin on the tag of a Crocs pair.

Additionally, the country of origin should be mentioned on the sole as well.

How Can You Tell If Crocs Are Fake?

To spot a fake pair of Crocs, you must know what an original pair provides. Here are some key features you should look for in an authentic Crocs pair-

How Can You Tell If Crocs Are Fake?
  • Instead of a sticker on a button, the original Crocs have a shiny logo on the surface.
  • Fake Crocs are sold in cardboard boxes whereas the genuine ones come in official transparent plastic bags/white paper bags.
  • You will get a branded hanger with original Crocs that features the company logo.
  • One of the major differences between fake and genuine Crocs lies in the feel. Fake ones feel harder and less comfortable. 
  • An authentic pair of Crocs will come with several labels with detailed information about the shoe size, model name, materials, manufacturing country, etc.
  • Along with a detailed logo, an original pair has the official website address (www.crocs.com) trademarked on the sole.
  • Opposite to the site address on the sole, you should find the  “boulder, colorado” logo. And it must be separated with a comma, not with a full stop.

Moreover, you can check this video that shows how to spot fake Crocs instantly.

Are Crocs Made from Recycled Materials?

Unfortunately, no. They are made out of Croslite from the EVA polymer containing some plastic properties that are not recyclable. 

Are Crocs Made from Recycled Materials?

Contrary to popular belief, Crocs are not made of rubber. Although the texture feels the same as rubber.

But Croslite is a foam resin that is made out of EVA polymer.

Yes, it doesn’t contain plastic. So, you might think the shoes are made of recycled materials. But EVA  polymers are as elastomeric as plastic. So, it’s hard to recycle.

However, Crocs mentioned on their website that they recycle 45% of the scrap which is used to produce Croslite, the key component of Crocs shoes.

Who Are Crocs Made for?

Who Are Crocs Made for?

As Crocs are extremely comfortable, they can be used by a wide number of people including doctors, nurses, chefs, teachers, etc. People who need to stay on their feet for an extended period find these shoes utterly functional with extreme arch aid.

Final Words

In the 21st century, we can’t discuss fashion footwear without talking about Crocs. They are stylish, sturdy, supportive, versatile, and pliable shoes with numerous designs and colors.

But where are Crocs made currently?

Well, most of them are China and Vietnam-made nowadays, including some other countries on the list. 

But wherever your elegant pair of Crocs are made, they will offer the same quality assurance, arch support, and superior feel. 

Because all the manufacturing countries follow a standard quality check before supplying shoes to the consumers. 

Yes, there could be subtle differences in style and design based on their origin, but rest assured that they will not differ in comfort level and functionalities. 

Just make sure to buy your pair from an authentic retailer to avoid confusion.

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