Are Doc Martens Waterproof Ultimate Guide Is Here!

Are Doc Martens Waterproof?

Are Doc Martens waterproof?  No, as Docs doesn’t contain a waterproof membrane, they aren’t 100% waterproof. Besides, doc martens are made of leather which is water-resistant but not waterproof at …

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How long do UGG boots last – The Ultimate Guide to Extending the Life of Your UGG Boots

How long do UGG boots last?

Many people love UGG boots because they are super comfortable. The premium-quality materials give off a barefoot feeling. Therefore, these boots are one of the top choices for those looking …

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Are Doc Martens Slip Resistant

Are Doc Martens Slip Resistant?

Yes, due to the latest anti-slip technology, top-quality leather, and exclusive tread pattern, Doc Martens are recognized as a slip-resistant shoe.  Last week, my cousin & I went outside for …

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