Editorial Policy

Strategy Planning; The Birth! 

The best course of action behind well-written content is reading a ton of writing. That is the ideology we cultivate here. In order to present a single word or a sentence to the user, deep research is needed. Otherwise, the information might be inaccurate. So, a tragedy for a structure is constructed.

Topic Searching

Then, we search the trending topic to help people get reliable and authentic information they love to go through. 

So, searching the topic is our 2nd motto: making a packed article for a lifetime with correct and accurate information. 

Topic Choosing

Our focus is not limited to how much love react we are gathering from our posts, but also to the authenticity and accuracy of the post itself. This is why our professional team put in so much hard work.

So, in our third button, we choose a topic that you will like and ensure reliability.

Outlining with High Research

In the fourth stage, we work on the trending topic. The work begins with creating a standard outline. Here, we decide what to write, ignore and where to put our priorities.

Content Writing

When the structure is completed, we add flesh to the skeleton. We add words under the outlined heading. Here, we make sure that the information is authentic and reliable. Authenticity is ensured by checking it repeatedly and with the expert’s consultant. As a shoe enthusiast, you will find everything and can do your own research on it. FootwearInside has everything you can ask for, correctly and accurately.

Content Editing

When writing is initially done, we change our focus to editing. We modify where needed and remove unnecessary parts. 


To ensure authenticity, we cross-check information on our writings with the updated source of information. If we find unmatched or backdated  information, we work to correct it.

Plagiarism Checking

Lastly, we look for plagiarism and rework the section in question. Only when the content is plagiarism free we publish it. 

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Content Reviewing

In the end, we always provide a last revision to the entire writing.

Publishing- The Happy Stage!

This is the stage where the writing secures a space in the website. After going through all the steps, from writing to revision to cross-checking, the audience can now read it.

FootwearInside provides you with real information to keep you comfortable and healthy. So, why worry? Visit us with trust. For any queries, do not hesitate to contact us

We’re happy to have you here!

Thank You Very Much!