DMCA Policy

The term DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and our site exercises this policy to limit our exposure to copyright claims. All the respected users of Footwearinside are requested to go by this policy if they have any copyright issues. 

We, however, follow the DMCA policy to reserve the rights of the copyright owners according to the existing copyright law.

Designated Copyright Agent

If you have any copyright infringement claim, please send your notice to our designated copyright agent at the address below:

Address: Please insert the email address here.

However, this email address is entirely dedicated to copyright infringement claims. So, we might not reply if the claims are not true.

But if your copyright claims are valid, Footwearinside will comply with the DMCA policy to reserve your rights by immediately blocking access to the alleged materials. 

What the Copyright Infringement Claim Must Include 

If you want to send us a proper DMCA notice, your copyright infringement claim should be detailed by mentioning the following-

  • Proper identification of the copyrighted work. If several materials are subjected to the copyright infringement claim, there should be a list of all such works.
  • Sufficient information to locate the allegedly infringed material on the site.
  • Sufficient contact information of the party making the complaint. It should include the address, phone number, and an electronic mail address as well (if you have any).
  • A statement that the copyright infringement claim is made in good faith on the part of the complaining party. 
  • A statement that all information in the notice is accurate and the complaint is made under penalty of perjury. Of course, the person making a claim must be authorized to complain.
  • Either electronic or digital signature of the person making the complaint. It could be the copyright owner or an authorized person on behalf of the owner to make such claims.

Our Response

Upon receiving proper notification of the copyright infringement claim, we expeditiously respond to the claim. We usually remove the alleged material or block access to it instantly. 

However, we need at least three business days to process the complaint for further investigation. And in terms of receiving counter-notification, we comply with the appropriate provisions of the DMCA policy.

If the situation demands, we could remove the repeat offenders from our site for good.

Accommodation of Standard Technical Measures

We, however, accommodate and do not interfere with the Standard Technical Measures taken by the copyright owners to guard their works according to our policy.  learn more