Cookies Policy

What Are Cookies?

The website can transfer small files to your computer, which analyzes how you use the internet. Using its analysis, it enhances and personalizes your browsing experience.

In other words, cookies are usually a tracking technology of your inline presence for improved internet use.

Cookies from FootwearInside

Cookies are the best way to assist you in navigating any site. It is very similar to beacons, tags, etc. They are the text files that remember your interest.

Cookies basically store your online activities, such as clicking, touching, scrolling, keystroke, etc., in your settings. Still, they do not store your personal information, such as your name, phone number, email address, etc., unless you agree to share it with third parties.

We will receive such personally identifiable information when you visit our site. You can still visit our site even if you disapprove of cookies on your computer, but there will be no personalized features.

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Cookies from Third Parties

In a few exceptional situations, we use cookies provided by a few trustworthy third-party sites to analyze your website usage.

You can read Google Cookies policy:

Cookies Related to Qualifying Purchase

Since FootwearInside doesn’t sell any products, there is no need for you to log in to our site.

But our site contains affiliate links that direct you to the site where you can purchase. For this, they cost you no extra money, but if you do buy from this link, we will receive some commission.

When you go to the link that directs you to the third-party platform’s website, the website will keep track of your cookie for future usage.

How We Use Your Information 

We seek to run our site dependent on your interests after gathering data from cookies that monitor your activities through our site. And if you consent, we will use your concerns to send you marketing communication.

Using google analytics, we discover your areas of interest on our website. Google Analytics is one of the dominating analytics platforms on the internet, and its result tells us how long you stay on a site and which are your frequently visited site.

It is proven to supply compelling content that improves one’s browsing experience. We have statistics to support that.

Disabling Cookies

You are free to “disapprove” at any time from your browser settings. Remember, the settings button allows you to decide which cookies you prefer to pop up.

Additional Information 

FootwearInside made your browsing easy with its cooking policy. If you are initially unsure, enable your cookies to see what exciting features you are missing out on. For further queries, go to the Contact Us page.