How To Make Crocs Shiny Again (7 Best Ways)

If you are thinking about how to make Crocs shiny again?- simply use a Crocs shiner to restore their gleam within a few minutes. Alternatively, you can use soapy water, vinegar, baking soda, bleach, etc. as well.

As we all know, Crocs are quite trendy nowadays. People love to wear them both at home and outdoors, thanks to their unmatched comfort and cushioning. 

Therefore, the brand-new glow of your favorite footwear fades over time. But how can you restore the shine in no time again? 

How do you clean faded Crocs to maintain their glittering glaze? Let’s learn below.

How To Make Crocs Shiny Again 7 Best Ways

How to Make Crocs Shiny Again| Seven Best Ways

Here we go with seven proven methods of cleaning Crocs that will bring back their shimmer.

1. Using Soapy Water

Are you looking for an economical way to make your Crocs shiny again? One such way is to rely on soapy water.

All you need is a brush, towel, and a mixture of soap and water.

First of all, use a soft brush to rub the Croc’s surface. This will remove the dirt easily. 

Then use a regular soap detergent and mix it with cold water. Wash the shoes using that mixture gently.

Things to remember, never use hot water to prepare this mixture.

But you can dip a soft cloth or a towel in lukewarm water to wipe the upper surface of your favorite pair. 

Once you are satisfied that the shoes are clean and shiny as you want, let them dry and see the magic!

However, you can also apply soap directly on the Croc’s surface and spread it throughout the surface with your hands. Then caress the shoes for a while and rinse them under water.

Here’s a video tutorial that shows how to do it.

2. Mixing Vinegar and Baking Soda

Secondly, we have another way to clean your Crocs easily at home. Worry not, this too is a budget-friendly method not to put any burden on your pocket.

Mix baking soda and vinegar in a ratio of 1:4. Then apply this paste on the Croc’s surface and cover the shoes with a soft paper towel.

Wait for 5-10 minutes so that the solution sits on the shoe’s surface properly.

Later, rinse the shoes thoroughly in normal water and dry them under the sun.

Trust me, it will bring back the lost gleam of your shoes easily.

3. Applying Croc Shine

Here comes the safest way to polish your Crocs. Yes, you guessed it right. 

Get a Crocs shine polish to treat your dull shoes. It’s a shoe shiner that is specifically made for Crocs to restore their shimmer.

The Crocs shine ingredients are included in a sponge applicator. 

First, wipe your Crocs with a towel. If they are too dirty, you need to wash them thoroughly with mild soapy water. In that case, they should be completely air-dried before you apply the shiner.

Now, rub the sponge applicator of Crocs shine on the affected areas of your shoes to get rid of extra dirt and dust. Rub off the excess solution with a washcloth or paper towel.

If you don’t know how to use Crocs shine, check this video out. Here you can see the Croc shine before and after effect on the shoes.

4. Bleaching

According to Arshiya Arif who has a lot of experience in shoes, bleaching is one of the most effective ways to make your Crocs shine brighter than ever.

This method particularly works to clean Crocs that got yellowish.

Mix some bleach powder with lukewarm water. Then put the dirty Crocs into that solution for one to two hours.

Remember, the more yellowish the Crocs are, the longer you should wait.

Finally, take the shoes out of that mixture and rinse them thoroughly in clean water. Then dry your Crocs and they will look like a brand new pair, for sure.

Point to be noted, you must protect your hands from the bleach. So, wear hand gloves when you follow this shoe-shining method. 

5. Rubbing Crocs with Clean Solution Wipes 

Since you are reading this step, you must be in a hurry and are looking for a shortcut way of cleaning your Crocs.

Go with the instant cleaning wipes then. It works like a quick cleaner that makes your shoes shinier within seconds. 

Basically, these wipes contain a cleaning solution that you should rub your Croc surface with. 

But it doesn’t work for deep cleaning. Instead, it will give your footwear an instant radiance to make them look newish.

6. Using Coconut/Olive/Almond Oil

If you are looking for Crocs shine alternative/ Crocs butter alternative,  any natural oil works great.

You can use a few drops of coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil to shine up your shoes.

Actually, this is a very pocket-friendly investment as you don’t need them much to restore the shine of the Crocs.

All you need to do is to clean the shoe surface with a damp cloth. Then apply the oil on the Crocs with your hands.

Nevertheless, always go for pure and organic oil so that they don’t damage the shoe materials. 

7. Using Hair Gel

Instead of oils, you can also rely on hair gel to polish a pair of Crocs. 

Hair gel is, in fact, a better Crocs shine alternative than oils as it’s non-greasy.

Just apply a thin layer of gel on a clean cloth and spread the gel throughout the Croc’s surface. 

Let the gel dry and see how it brings back life to your faded pair.

How to Take Care of Crocs

If you want your Crocs to last longer, never toss them in the washing machine. Instead, try spot-cleaning and air-drying the shoes for better results.

How to Take Care of Crocs

As Crocs are made of Croslite, a closed-cell foam-like material, hand washing them is the best way. 

However, to clean synthetic wedges, spot cleaning is better. But please don’t use chemical cleaners.

Instead, dip a soft cloth into regular water and use that damp cloth to clean dirt, dust, and debris.

For canvas-style Crocs, you can use mild soapy water to eliminate any kind of stain. 

If you are using Crocs with wool or fleece linings, you need to be a little more careful while cleaning them.

In that case, you should use a soft brush to clean the upper surface. Then take a damp cloth to gently wipe out the shoes.

Regardless of how you clean your Crocs, always air-dry them instead of exposing them to any external heat source.

Otherwise, the shoe materials will eventually warp or shrink.

How Do You Use the Crocs Shiner?

In recent years, Crocs are most people’s go-to shoes, for good reasons though. They are breathable, comfortable, durable, washable, and immensely cushioned. 

How Do You Use the Crocs Shiner?

But due to regular use, they can look dull and sloppy. 

To regain the sparkling shine of an old pair of Crocs, applying a Croc shiner is the quickest possible way.

Crocs shiners are available in the forms of Crocs Shine, Crocs butter, etc.

These are specifically formulated shoe polishes to bring back the lost shimmer of Crocs.

First, clean the Crocs thoroughly in any of the aforestated ways. Then let the shoes dry entirely. 

Now, rub the sponge of the Crocs shine that contains the shine-restoring solution against the Croc’s surfaces, especially on the scuffed areas.

Point to be noted, you shouldn’t use too much solution on the shoes, whether it’s Crocs butter or Crocs shine. So, use a paper towel to wipe the excess polish.

Now, if you ask, what is Crocs butter made of, it has salt, water, pea protein, citric acid, natural flavor, sunflower lecithin, beta carotene, etc. in the ingredient list.

How Do Black Crocs Lose Their Shine?

Who doesn’t love a stylish pair of Black Crocs? But the downside is black Crocs lose their luster pretty quickly.

But why so? Let’s break down the possible reasons below-

How Do Black Crocs Lose Their Shine
  • Excessive use of the same pair of black Crocs makes them dull and messy to lose their original shine.
  • Constant use of the black pair in harsh weather conditions leaves them faded. For example, if you wear the pair on hot summer days or during heavy snowfall, it will definitely make the black shoes fade away.
  • Please remember that most Crocs are water-resistant, not waterproof. So, if you overexpose your black Crocs to wet surfaces, chances are they will lose their glossiness. The same goes for the scorching sun as well. Never leave your shoes under the sun for too long. It will affect their luster.
  • The use of a hard-bristled brush to clean the Crocs is the worst. It will remove the black sparkle of your shoes leaving them lackluster.

How to Make Black Crocs Shiny Again

Hey, don’t fret! Even if your black pair of Crocs lost their shine, you can still make them look new.

Follow the hacks below and see your old pair glow-

  • You must maintain your shoes properly. If you are wearing them every day, wash them every day as well. Don’t leave the Crocs with dirt and debris.
  • Sometimes, there will be stubborn stains on your black shoes. In those cases, take the help of a magic eraser. After cleaning the Crocs with soapy water, let them dry naturally. Then apply the magic eraser on the challenging stains and they will vanish magically.
  • If your black Crocs are way too old, you can use acrylic paints to restore their glow. If you spray black acrylic paint all over the shoes and let the paint dry, the shoes will be shiny again.

How to Make Black Crocs Black Again

As already stated, black Crocs quickly fade away due to overuse, dort, sunlight, etc. But you can make black Crocs black again like a brand new pair.

Either apply black acrylic paint or use black liquid polish to the shoes. 

Let the shoes dry completely and you are done. Your black shoes are beautifully shining again.

However, for a more long-lasting result, you can always opt for black liquid dye. But please follow the dying guidelines properly.

How Do I Make My Crocs Smell Better?

Regular cleaning could keep your Crocs shiny. But how would you get rid of the bad smell from the shoes?

Baking soda works as a wonderful cleaning agent that absorbs odor. You can either sprinkle baking soda all over your Crocs and brush it away, or make a solution of baking soda and vinegar to treat your smelly shoes.

In the first case, you should let the baking soda stay on the footbed of the shoes overnight.

The next morning, brush it off and your shoes will smell better.

For the second way, make a thick paste of vinegar, baking soda, and water. Apply it all over the footbed and wait a few minutes.

Then wash your shoes thoroughly and air-dry them. This process magically eliminates stinky shoes and makes them smell better, no matter how stubborn the smells are.

Final Words

No matter how trustworthy Croslite construction a pair of Crocs offer, they will end up losing their original sparkle over time.

So, how to make Crocs shiny again? How could they regain that slick and polished outlook even after repeated wear?

Above, we discussed some tried and trusted methods for making Crocs brand-new again. 

Thankfully, none of the ways are too expensive. You can use some simple household ingredients to treat your faded Crocs.

Still, using shoe shiners like Crocs shine or Crocs butter seems to be the easiest and most effective solution. It can turn even the filthiest pair into a glossy one.

However, the other ways also work if you could follow them accordingly. 

Good luck!

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