How to Stretch Crocs? 9 Effective Ways!

To stretch your Crocs, you have to apply methods that make the Croslite material inside them pliable, and then wear them for a while so that the Cross fit in as desired. And how can you make your Crocs malleable for that matter? We’ll talk about it in a while!

How to Stretch Crocs Follow 9 Super-Effective Ways!

Almost everyone has had this horrible encounter, where they purchased an amazing pair of shoes just to find out later that the shoes are a little bit too tight for them. If that’s the case with your Crocs, don’t worry, you landed at the right place!

In the article, we’ll be discussing how to stretch Crocs in 9 simple ways, whether Crocs stretch out over time, how long it takes them to stretch, and more!

How to Stretch Crocs (9 Superb Methods)

Here are some of the easy and efficient techniques to try out when stretching your Crocs. Gather the essential materials with you and get ready!

How to Stretch Crocs (9 Superb Methods)

1. Dip Your Crocs In Boiling Water

Footwear enthusiast Julieta Wareham shares a quick and time-saving way to stretch your Crocs. For this method, all you need are a pair of thick socks, a large pot, a pair of tongs, and your tight Crocs.

  • Put a sizable pot on the burner and fill it with enough water. 
  • After bringing the water to a boil, take the pot off the stove.
  • Now, put your Crocs inside the pot so that they are completely immersed. Give them about 45 seconds in boiling water for the material’s softness and flexibility to increase. 
  • Use the tongs to take out the Crocs and let them cool down a bit 
  • Put on your socks and then the Crocs once they are bearably warm and walk about in them until they are either dry or room temperature. 
  • Repeat a few times if necessary.

2. Apply Heat With The Hair Dryer

If you are not fully convinced about putting your shoes in boiling water, you can apply heat with a dryer instead. This will take a little more time though.

  • Put on a pair of thick socks and your Crocs, and then use a blow dryer with a medium-low heat setting to soften the shoe until it fits comfortably.
  • Rather than keeping it in one place, move the hair dryer’s nozzle to different areas. To warm up your Crocs, blow the hair dryer over them for 30 seconds at a time.
  • After heating them, wear them around the house for 10-15 minutes.

3. Use A Cloth Dryer

This method also uses heat, however, it is advised to run the dryer at the lowest heat setting to avoid significant harm to your Crocs. Also, refrain from stretching out a brand-new pair of Crocs with this technique.

  • Place the Crocs inside the dryer with some clothes and turn the heat to the lowest level.
  • Now, run the dryer for roughly 10 minutes, and then take the Crocs out of the dryer. 
  • Put on some thick socks, then wear the Crocs. Until they reach room temperature, move around in them. This will make it easier for the Crocs to conform to the shape of your feet.

The video here demonstrates how to do it!

4. Use Ice to Stretch The Crocs

For loosening up a pair of tight Crocs, ice can be just as useful as heat. Emily Tidy shares the how-to of this method which requires some sandwich bags and your freezer.

  • Place a sandwich bag partially filled with water in the area where the shoe is tight. If required, use more water-filled bags to fill the whole area.
  • Put your shoes in the freezer overnight. The water will expand when it turns into ice and aid in stretching them out.
  • The next morning, while the ice bags are still completely frozen, remove them.
  • While your Crocs are still damp and chilly from the ice water, put them on and move around. You should experience the stretch.
  • Repeat as necessary a few times.

5. Stuff Them With Wet Newspaper/Socks

An old-fashioned way to stretch shoes is to simply stuff them with wet newspapers. Your Crocs gradually and gently are stretched out by the weight and shape of the tightly bundled paper as it dries up.

  • Ball up some wet newspapers/socks and stuff the Crocs with as many crumbled newspapers/socks as possible. Make sure to push them all the way to the toe area.
  • Leave the Crocs for at least 24 hours and remove the socks/newspapers the next morning. Wear them and check the fitting.
  • Retry the technique by cramming more pieces if they are still too tight.

6. Stroll On Them With Several Pair Of Socks On

All you need for this method shared by Jimmy Lewis are the pairs of socks you have at home. Wear 3-4 pairs of medium-thickness socks one over the other and put on your Crocs. If they tend to restrict the blood flow or hurt your feet, take them off right away and try wearing fewer layers the next time. Now, spend at least 30 minutes walking around or until they feel more comfortable.

Continue each day for a week until you reach your target level of fitness.

7. Try The Peeled Potato Hack

Although it may sound unconvincing, this method has actually proved efficient in stretching tight shoes, you can try it with your Crocs as well.

  • After peeling it, cut a potato into the shape of the area on the front of the shoe where your toes go. 
  • Place the potato inside your shoe for the night after wiping it with a paper towel. 
  • The next morning, you can count on your shoes having more room.
  • Wear your shoes and stroll for a while. 

8. Invest In A Shoe Stretcher

With a shoe stretcher, your Crocs may become slightly larger, though perhaps not to the point of being one size larger than before. 

  • Put a 2-way stretcher inside your Crocs so that it’s tight against the toe box, and keep it inside for at least 12 hours. 
  • Now try them on to see if they fit, if not, twist the handle a couple more times for your Crocs to stretch more, and repeat the process until it does.
  • You may require a few days to reach the desired size.

9. Take Your Crocs To The Professionals

If your Crocs are valuable and you are not confident about your shoe stretching skills, a professional shoe repair shop can do the stretching and other adjustments for you. They are experts at stretching footwear to get the ideal fit. However, due to a lack of demand, it is getting tougher to discover these stores in most places.

Do crocs stretch out after wearing?

Regardless of the fit they offer, Crocs do have a tendency to stretch with time as you wear them,  and also when worn after exposing them to extreme heat. 

Do crocs stretch out after wearing

They are mostly used in the summer when many people leave them in hot cars or in the sun. Warming up makes the material inside them malleable, which may expand and conform to the shape of your feet when you put them on.


Do Crocs Stretch?

Yes, crocs do stretch, though they won’t stretch to the point where they are a full size bigger. The Croslite material of Crocs is malleable and soft, which helps them to stretch.

How Much do Crocs Stretch?

Crocs often stretch from half an inch up to a full inch. The model and the method you employ to stretch them will actually determine how they stretch

How Long Does it Take for Crocs to Stretch?

It actually depends on the method you use. While the boiling water method takes 10-15 minutes, other methods like putting Crocs in the freezer might take a day or a few. 

How Often Should I Stretch my Crocs?

You can keep stretching your shoes daily using various methods like a hot water bath, the freezer treatment, or walking them with several pairs of socks on until you have reached the desired fit. 

Can I put my Crocs in the dryer?

You can put your Crocs in the dryer, but only at the lowest heat setting. Also, decorative and fur-liner Crocs shouldn’t be put in the dryer.

How Do I Know if my Crocs are too Small?

If it’s difficult to put on your Crocs, they squeeze your feet, or wearing them for an extended amount of time causes toe cramping, your Crocs are too small for you.

Can I Stretch the Toe Area of my Crocs?

Yes, you can stretch the toe area of your Crocs, freezing your Crocs with a bag inside the toe area works best for this method.

Final thoughts

That’s all for ‘How to stretch Crocs’. Hope you are satisfied with the techniques we mentioned and will utilize them in the future. Just remember not to overdo it while heating your Cross, as it may shrink your Crocs more than before, which you certainly don’t want. And also, some methods will require more than a single try. 

Whatever route you use, make sure to be patient and pay close attention to the directions to prevent harming your Crocs.

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