How To Identify Nike Shoe Model [Easy Ways]

Nike has thousands of shoe models out there and 25 shoe lines So, how to identify Nike shoe model? Start by checking the sneaker tag underneath the tongue, check the box, look at the official website, search a sneaker database, use Grails app, do a Nike visual search, conduct a search on Google Lens, or ask customer service. 

Knowing the shoe model allows you to check various details online and the shoe’s quality, material, and features. You can also find the best prices online and recommend the product to friends if you already have a pair.

Keep scrolling to find out exactly how to identify Nike shoe model in the easiest way.

How To Identify Nike Shoe Model? Best Ways To Find Out

How To Identify Nike Shoe Model Best Ways To Find Out

It is far easier to recognize a particular model of shoe design with its name rather than model numbers. However, remembering just one of them is enough to ensure you have the right model in mind. Here are some ways you can find out the shoe name or model number.

  1. Check The Sneaker Tag

Checking the sneaker tag underneath the tongue of the shoe is the easiest, fasted, and quickest way to tell what the shoe name or model number is. All Nike shoes have this tag with relevant information related to the sneaker. 

The sneaker number is located right below the line underneath the Nike logo to the right. It’s a combination of capitalized letters and numbers. Usually, the model number will have two letters at the beginning and then a 7-digit number following it. 

Look at the picture below. It’s the tag for Nike Court Borough Mid 2 sneakers. As you can see the model number is CD7783-007. To find out the model name, you can just google this number. 

Check The Sneaker Tag
  1. Look At The Box

There’s another tag with details of a pair of sneakers on the side of the box they arrive in. It’s always wise to save the box for resale purposes as it is one way for others to be sure that the product is original.

Assuming you saved the box, take a look at its sides. You’ll find the model number on one of them along with other information. The model number is at the very bottom but the model name is also there on the box at the top. 

For example: in the picture below, the model name is Nijke Waffle One (GS) and the number is DC0481 101.

Look At The Box
  1. Check The Official Nike Site

Nike has all their available sneakers listed on their website with pictures. You can just scroll through the various models and match them with the shoes you have. If you find a matching pair, you can just note down the model name in the description.

Be careful to match the soles particularly as some designs may look similar to others but there can be differences. 

  1. Check A Sneaker Database

There are various online databases that list the names and pictures of all the sneakers famous footwear brands have ever produced. Nike, Adidas, Puma, and other brands.

We find the Sneakers123 database particularly well-organized and easy to navigate. If you have an idea as to what shoe line your pair belongs to, you can narrow down your search by searching that category through the search bar at the top left. 

In case you don’t even have that information, you can scroll through all the listed Nike shoes and cross-check the pictures till you find a match. The model name and number are in the description. 

  1. Do A Nike Visual Search

The Nike app has a fine option named the ‘Nike Visual Search’. It’s a database that matches sneaker results on the basis of a visual search done through a picture. 

Sam Yen has an amazing guide on how to use this feature. When you enter the app, you are briefly explained how to use this function and conduct a visual search. Your phone’s camera will be activated to take a picture or you can upload one from your gallery.

Here are some tips for clicking a great picture on the app that will get the best matches. 

  • Take the picture from the side. Capture the sole as well as the upper. That gets the best results.
  • Keep the sneaker inside the circle as much as possible. 
  • There should be adequate lighting while photographing.
  • Make sure you focus on the shoes.
  1. Google Lens

If downloading the app and checking out this feature seems a bit of a bother but you like the idea of a visual search, this is your way to go. Do a search on Google Lens. It works just as well as Google has an incredible collection of data as we all know. Plus, it’s much easier to use.

Here’s how you can search your sneaker model by doing a search on Google Lens.

  • Open your Chrome app or Google app.
  • In the search bar, there is an icon for a camera. Tap on that.
  • Your camera will activate and you can also choose pictures from your gallery. 
  • Either choose the Search With Your Camera option and click a photo and then search or scroll down and choose a picture from your camera roll.
  • The search results will appear. You will easily find the model name on an e-commerce website selling your sneakers.
  1. Try Grails

Grails is an iOS app that can help you identify sneakers. This shoe identifier online app has an algorithm that brings up accurate results and you’ll be surprised at how good the matches are. 

Their database is constantly updating. Even if your model is new, there’s a chance you’ll find the relevant information needed. The use of artificial intelligence is what makes this possible. 

You just need to input a picture of the sneakers in question and you’ll get the right model name and identification.

  1. Contact Customer Service

Another way to go about finding your shoe model is to enlist the help of Nike’s customer service team. 

You can call 1-800-806-6453 for product details and chat with them as well. Their team can easily tell you which model you have on your hands. Their contact number is available 4 am – 11 pm PT every day of the week as well as the online chat feature. 

  1. Ask A Nike Seller or Enthusiast 

A seller will have a lot of knowledge of Nike shoes and different models. You can look for Nike sellers online on platforms like eBay or Amazon and ask them the name of your shoe or the model number. 

These platforms have messaging options where you can send pictures. So, messaging them won’t be an issue.

Can You Check Nike Serial Number?

Yes, the Nike serial number is on every pair of shoes Nike makes and you can check it. The number is used by sellers to keep track of inventory. It is unique for every pair of shoes, unlike the Nike model number. The serial number is also called the UPC or Universal Product Code. 

Can You Check Nike Serial Number

You can find it on the sneaker tag underneath the tongue of your shoes. The code starts with UPC.  There’s a quiet or blank zone in the middle or the start. In the case of the tag below, you can see that the blank digits are in the beginning with two 0s following which is a 12-digit serial number.

This code holds some important product information and is very useful to Nike and its retailers. So, if you take a look at the sneaker tag underneath the tongue you can check the serial number on every pair of Nike shoes made. 


Is There An App To Check Authenticate Nike Shoes?

Yes, CheckCheck is a very useful app that authenticates shoes to help consumers as well as protect sellers from unfair competition. It will work for Nike authenticity check. The sneaker community is growing every day with a rise in resale activities. So, the problem of authentication needed some innovative solutions like an AI-driven, standardized, authentication process.

The entire process is streamlined with a pair of sneakers getting authentication in under 30 minutes at any time of the day. The app’s interface is also simple to use with a well-integrated payment system. You will only need to pay 1 USD per check.

Considering that this app makes it much easier for you to purchase real Nike shoes, the payment is meager. That’s why collectors and sneaker-heads love this app as it helps the market not get burned with replicas. 

Here’s a video of a user trying out the CheckCheck app.

YouTube video

Final Words

The market for sneakers is growing every day with lots of resale activities and new sellers popping up. Anyone who wants to know more about collectible sneakers needs knowledge on how to identify Nike shoe models as that brand is very big in the sneaker game.

Start by checking the sneaker tag underneath the tongue, check the box, look at the official website, search a sneaker database, use the Grails app, do a Nike visual search, conduct a search on Google Lens, or ask customer service.

Moreover, you can also get any pair of Nike shoes authenticated in under 30 minutes by using the CheckCheck app.

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