How To Identify Reebok Shoe Model? Easy Ways To Find Model Number

If you’re wondering how to identify Reebok shoe model, you’ve come to the right place. To check the model number you can look at the inside tags of the sneakers underneath the tongue and the sole of the shoes. You can also do a Google image search of the shoe, take a look at Reebok’s official website for the same model, or ask Reebok customer service. 

If you want to buy the same model or already own it but don’t know which model it is, these are good ways to find out the exact Reebok model. Once you know the model of the shoe, you can take a look at the material, construction, and various features or look up reviews. 

So, there are a lot of advantages to knowing your Reebok model. Keep on reading to find out how to identify the Reebok shoe model. 

How To Identify Reebok Shoe Model? – Easiest Ways To Find The Model Number

Identifying Reebok model is important if you want to find out the material and other features of the shoe. As well as if you need reviews on how these shoes performed for different people. Also, to find the best place to buy the models from. Here’s how you can identify the shoe model number of a Reebok.

  1. Look Underneath The Tongue

Most Reebok shoes have the model number printed inside the shoe. You just need to look for it in the right place. 

Look Underneath The Tongue

Pick up your shoes and pull the tongue up to reveal the underside. Typically, you can find writings on it listing the size, model number, etc. The model number is always a combination of alphabets and numerals. For example- J91011 is the model number for Reebok Patike Ziglite Distance.

Look at the picture below to see what a shoe tag looks like. Immediately under the size chart, you can spot a combination of letters and numbers on the right. 

There are other numbers on the tag, but those aren’t the model number. The one immediately below and with both alphabets and numerals is the model number.

  1. Check The Box

The box that the shoes came in also contains a tag with important information like size, QR code, name of the shoe, and model number. 

Check The Box

Look at the sides of the box to find the tag. Not all tags will look the same as Reebok is distributed all around the world and differences are to be expected. However, you will most likely spot the model number there. 

It’s a 6-digit and letter combination. If you look at the box below, you can spot the model number DV7354. This is the model number for Reebok Daytona DMX II Women Sneakers. So, if you just remember this model number you can search for all information related to your shoe anytime on Google. 

  1. Take A Look At The Soles

Let’s just say you didn’t save the box and the shoe tag underneath the tongue is not readable for whatever reason. There’s another way to get the information from the shoes themselves.

Flip the shoe and check the soles. Some models may have more information inscribed on the soles. But it’s not always the case. So, if you can’t find anything on the soles, you now have to get more creative with your search for the model number.

  1. Do A Google Image Search

Google has the answer for just about anything, you just need to look hard. Here’s how you do a Google image search to find the shoe model of your Reebok. 

  • Go to your phone’s Google app or Chrome browser. 
  • There’s an icon of a camera on the right of the search bar next to the icon of a mic. That’s the Google lens. Tap on that option.
  • The option of ‘Search with your camera’ will come up. Tap on the camera icon.
  • The camera will activate. Take a picture of your shoes. 
  • Tap on the search button near the bottom of your screen.
  • Scroll through the results to find the model number. You will definitely find the shoe name. You can use that to search for the model number online.
  1. Check The Official Reebok Website

The official Reebok website has a lot of shoes listed on it. You can scroll through the options and look for the one that looks like yours. If you find the right shoe check the description for the model number.

In case the model number isn’t there, use the shoe model’s name to Google the model number. You will most probably find it on one website or the other. This way of doing it can be tedious. The shoe you’re looking for can also be unavailable on the website. However, it’s worth a try.

  1. Ask Customer Service

Reebok welcomes customers with questions related to the product. A lot of their queries are about product information. So, you don’t have to feel hesitant when contacting their customer service team. 

Ask Customer Service

This is their Contact Us page where you can find all relevant information on contacting the team. There’s a live chat option, a phone number to call, and a private messaging option on Facebook.

Their cell phone number is 1-866-870-1743. The live chat option is available all days of the week; on Monday-Friday from 8 am-10 pm and on Saturday-Thursday from 11 am-7 pm. 

Is Reebok Shoes Number The Same As The Model Number?

No, the shoe number isn’t the same as the model number. The shoe number is a combination of numbers that are unique for every pair of shoes. This number helps Reebok keep track of its inventory and locate the shoe during delivery, tracking its progress. 

Model number on the other hand is the same for shoes with the same design and make. Each model is given a unique model number. The model number is used to identify the features of the shoe, its material, and other properties. 

How To Spot Reebok Original Shoes? – Reebok Authenticity Check

Brands like Reebok have a million knockoffs in the market of various qualities. Some knockoffs are so close to the original that you need to look carefully to identify them as fake. Here are a few things to check to spot an original Reebok shoe.

  1. Start With The Box

A new pair of Reebok should come in a navy and red box with the latest Reebok logo. The box also is packaged in a branded brown paper bag. 

Start With The Box

The box should also have the Reebok shoe tag with important shoe information like the model name, shoe size, model number, shoe number, QR code, etc. You can Google the model number to see if the model name that comes up matches the one listed on the tag. 

  1. Compare The Shoes With Pictures On The Official Website

You can look at pictures of the shoe you purchased on the official website from all possible angles. Carefully review the design in detail. Look at the patterns of the stitches, the positioning of the logo, the laces, and the tongue of the shoe. Every detail should match the ones you see in the pictures. 

  1. Check The Outsole

Reebok shoes have different patterns on their outsole for different models. You can check the pictures of your model and compare the treads and patterns on your shoes’ soles. 

Check The Outsole
  1. Quality

Reebok shoes are high-quality. You need to look at the craftsmanship of the shoes. The stitches are supposed to be perfectly aligned and smooth. Knockoffs usually have jagged stitches, pinched in places. 

Moreover, the upper, outsole, midsole, and padding should be sturdy and made of materials that are listed on the official website in the description of the shoe. 

  1. Check For the Shoe Tag Underneath The Tongue

Original Reeboks have tags underneath their tongue with relevant information related to the shoe. You can spot the same things written on the shoe box. 

Moreover, the tongue should also have the Reebok logo sewn on it. Check for stitches to identify the original shoes. Knockoffs may have the logo glued on. 

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Here’s a video on how to identify fake Reebok shoes.

YouTube video

Final Words

How to identify Reebok shoe model? To check the model number you can look at the inside tags of the sneakers underneath the tongue and the sole of the shoes. You can also do a Google image search of the shoe, take a look at Reebok’s official website for the same model, or ask Reebok customer service. 

The model number is a combination of capitalized letters and numbers. It’s not too long with only 6 digits. You’ll see other numbers on the shoe tag. To differentiate the model number you count to see if there are 6 digits.

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