History of  Hey Dude Shoes From 2008 to 2023

It’s not difficult to predict that Hey Dudes shoes are light and super-comfy just by taking a look at them, even if you haven’t ever tried them on for yourself. 

It shows how dedicatedly the company emphasizes comfort, the core aim has remained unchanged throughout the years — making feasible, reliable, comfortable shoes for everyday usage. And their dedication has been paying off since Hey Dude has been influencing the footwear market and appealing to a wide audience for over 13 years now. 

For a casual stroll to an adventurous ride, from children to adults, everyone loves to don Hey Dudes almost all year round. And with a desire to offer people more amazing shoes, the manufacturers continue to innovate models like Wendy, Eco Knit, Cody, and Britt. 

While we await the release of new impressive shoes from Hey Dude, let’s take a look back at its history and evolution all through these years. 

Beginning of The Remarkable Journey 

The first Hey Dude Shoes debuted to the public in the summer of 2008. The shoes were created by Alessandro Rosano and Dario Kaute, two Italian shoe experts. They unveiled these new and unusual styles of footwear, the slip-on named Wally, that looked more stylish than slippers and apparently were more comfortable too.

After that, the first pair of Hey Dude shoes hit the market in February 2009.

The Hey Dude Shoe Company became sufficiently successful after just one year of launch. And eventually, with the help of new crew member Daniele, they opened their first branch in the US.

Following that, the branches kept on extending to Europe, South America, and Asia, as years went by, and millions of pairs started to sell out worldwide. The company also began to focus on creating new models like Wendys, Paul, Hawk, and more. 

Alessandro Rosano started the Hey Dude footwear business in Italy in 2008, with a view to creating practical and cozy shoes. However, today’s market in America accounts for 95% of earnings.

To give its clients the finest experience, the company is continually innovating and updating its designs to new forms. 

Hey Dude Timeline: Key Events In Hey Dude’s Journey

Let’s take a look at the notable events occurring in Hey Dude’s journey as the Hey company grew and expanded throughout the years. 

Hey Dude Timeline Key Events In Hey Dude’s Journey
  • 2008

 Alessandro Rosano and Dario Kaute, two footwear industry experts, establish Hey Dude and the Wally shoe company in Vinci, Italy in September 2008

  • 2009

The first Hey Dude shoes hit the market in February

  • 2010
  •  In April, Daniele Guidi joins the group and the branch extends to the United States.
  • The market grows to cover parts of Europe, South America, and Eastern Asia by the end of June
  • 2011

Proving the growing popularity of the comfy and trendy shoes, Hey Dude sells its first 1 million pairs worldwide by October.

  • 2014

Daniele thinks of letting go of the US branch since it failed to achieve much success during its 4 years of business in the USA. Thankfully a huge order from US fashion retailer Buckle estimated to be valued at USD 79.86 billion saves the branch and Hey Dude gains access to the US footwear market 

  • 2016
  • Hey Dude opens its first flagship store in London
  • Crocs releases a limited-edition collection of Hey Dudes shoes only purchasable through the Crocs official website
  •  2017
  • Hey Dude manufactures their first water shoe named the Mistral with a uniquely designed insole suitable for water-based activities. 
  • Hey Dude sells 1 million pairs across the US
  •  2018
  • In March, the ever-popular Wally sneaker gets a female counterpart, Wendy. 
  • Hey Dude sells 5 million pairs worldwide
  • 2021
  • Sales of Hey Dude surpass $500 million in the USA.
  • Crocs announces acquisition Hey Dude in a $2.5 billion deal
  • 2022
  • Beachwear and souvenir retail company Surfstyle sets a 5 million dollar plan for Hey Dude in January
  • Crocs closes the deal with Hey Dude in February and the brand’s revenue exceeded expectations, reaching around $986 million for the full year

Impressive Hey Dude Footwear Models Released

Available for everyone in the family, shoes from Hey Dude are built with quality components that will last, and they feature a wide range of styles that are ideal for everyday wear. Let’s take a look at some of the popular Hey Dude models. 

Impressive Hey Dude Footwear Models Released

Hey Dude Wally Shoes

Among the different styles of Hey Dude shoes available, the Wally is to date the most favored choice. With more than 70 different options to choose from, it is the  #1 selling men’s shoes at Hey Dude and a favorite among many male sneakerheads when it comes to fashion.

It is a classic men’s loafer designed with unique stitching on the upper, a flexible outsole, a thin insole, and easy-on elastic laces. Wallys are not only super-comfortable but can easily be paired with casual and semi-formal outfits, which adds to the notable selling features of this model. 

 Here’s a list of some popular Hey Dude Wally shoes.

  • Wally H20: A classic Wally with water-ready polyester fabric upper and perforated mesh insole more appropriate for wet conditions. Click here to view the Wallly H2O

Hey Dude Wendy Shoes

The women’s classic loafer Wendy,  inspired by the previously popular Wally series, wasn’t released into the market until 2018. But, within a short period of time, these shoes have grown popular among the female fans. 

With more than 80 different versions available, the shoes have noticeably feminine features, patterns, colors, and finishings that women looking for a comfortable pair of shoes absolutely love. With a similar construction design, the major difference between Wendy’s and Wally’s is that Wendy’s offers more colors and textures to complement feminine attire.

Here are some popular Hey Dude Wendy shoes:

  • Wendy Sox: A classic style with a stretch polyester fabric for sweater-like comfort while staying cushy and air. Click here to view the Wendy’s Sox
  • Wendy Chambray: Wendy with a chambray-blend upper that is soft and less stretchy. Click here to view the Wendy Chanbray
  • Wendy Slub Canvas: A more durable less stretchable canvas upper Wendy made with cotton slub fabric. Click here to view the Wendy Slub Canvas
  • Wendy Rise: Classic women’s Hey Dude style with an elevated platform outsole. Click here to view the Wendy Rise
  • Wendy Halo: Made with recycled fibers, a slightly different Wendy design with an overlapping effect near the ankle. Click here to view the Wendy Halo
  • Wendy Boho: Features hand-stitched, boho-chic-inspired accents and an upper made of softly washed cotton and crochet. Click here to view the Wendy Boho

Hey Dude Sneakers

Recently Hey Dude has started to offer several types of sporty sneakers that give off the classic Hey Dude vibe in a sneaker. You can quickly slip them in and out, they are flexible and lightweight, have a stretch drawcord lacing, and give an athletic vibe overall. 

  • Karina: Women’s slip-on sneaker with a low-top design and durable textile upper. Click here to view the Karina,
  • Sirocco: Men’s high-rise with breathable stretchy upper. Click here to view the Sirocco 
  • Cody: Stylish sneaker with an easy lace-on system, breathable upper, and cushy insole. Click here to view the Cody

Hey Dude Sandals

Hey Dude comes with a variety of sandals designed for pure comfort on warm summer days.

Cushiony textile upper or comfortable synthetic straps and travel-ready outsole make them perfect summerwear. 

  • Meg: Soft-microfiber wrapped women’s flip-flop with additional cushioning and reinforced arch. Click here to view Meg
  • Sami: Lightweight, flexible men’s slip-on sandal with rounded toe design and supportive outsole. Click here to view Sami

Hey Dude Slip-on Boots

Hey Dude has created some winter-favorable slip-on boots designs to offer their fans shoes to spend the winter season in comfort and warmth. Here are some much-liked models.

  • Britt: High-ankled winter bootie style Hey Dude for women with faux-fur lining for warmth. Click here to view Britt
  • Spencer: A slip-on boot for men with stretchy water-resistant nylon upper and wool-blend interior for warmth. Click here to view Spencer

Crocs Inc. Acquiring Hey Dude

Hey Dude was acquired by another leading footwear company Crocs on December 23, 2021. The $2.5 billion deal created headlines around the world. 

Crocs Inc. Acquiring Hey Dude

Following the acquisition, Crocs Inc. developed a sales strategy that calls for global distribution by 2024. Crocs increased its sales projections for the upcoming years as a result of Heydude joining the brand. 

In a statement, Crocs CEO Andrew Rees said, “We believe Hey Dude’s casual, comfortable, and lightweight products are aligned to long-term consumer trends and are a perfect fit for Crocs. We intend to leverage our global presence, best-in-class marketing, and scale infrastructure to build upon Hey Dude’s strong foundation and create significant shareholder value.”

Crocs aims to increase Hey Dude’s global client base, US distribution, and product lineup to grow Hey Dude into a $1 billion brand by 2024.

Where The Hey Dude Shoes Are Manufactured

Hey Dude shoes are actually manufactured in China and Indonesia, though many assume that they are made in Italy. 

The company is originally Italian. However, the production facility produces the shoes in China and Indonesia for marketing purposes.

Where The Hey Dude Shoes Are Manufactured

China is among the top countries having shoe manufacturing units of renowned brands. 95% of American shoes are made in China. Hey Dude also operates their shoe manufacturing plant in China. Low-wage workers, efficient manufacturing, quality control and proper regulations, and ecological logistics, all these positives made China a perfect manufacturing location for the Hey Dude shoes. 

Prior to Covid, the Croc company used Vietnamese production facilities, but manufacturing issues and delays hampered the production. Indonesia was then added as a manufacturer. The vast amount of workforce in Indonesia allows for higher production and quicker lead times.

What Made Hey Dude Sustain and Strive All These Years

Hey Dude has an extensive range of all-day comfy shoes that are lightweight, breathable, and easy to slip on and get going.

  • No Compromise With Comfort

All the shoes are built with comfy materials, it’s just that depending on the quality, some are more durable than others. For example, the less costly Wallys are either made from a soft and comfy chambray blend or a cotton-canvas blend, and the more expensive ones have a durable and lightweight polyester blend.

The majority of designs feature leather on the insoles and cotton linings on the outside. But, there’s no issue with the overall comfort since they don’t press hard against your foot and cause irritation and discomfort.

  • The Design That All Love

In order to give users the most relaxing experience, the manufacturers put a lot into the structure and design of Hey Dudes.

A memory foam insole adapts to the contour of your foot and offers superb support and cushioning. To avoid the back of the foot rub against the shoe materials, the ankle is cushioned. which offers both support and keeps the shoes from feeling loose. Moreover, to prevent adding extra weight to the sneaker, the outsole is also made to be incredibly light. 

Speaking on the upper, it’s durable, breathable, and lightweight too. The fabric lightly stretches as you move to provide the feet more room without compromising control, in addition to allowing air to flow through.

  • The Unique Flex and Fold Technology

 The innovative and outstanding “Flex & Fold Technology” is a unique feature that contributes to Hey Dudes’ popularity, the shoes can effortlessly accommodate a person’s foot and stride thanks to it. And it makes the packaging and travel less complicated and more enjoyable by allowing folding or, more specifically, rolling up the shoes.

  • Easy Slip-On

The stretchable material of the shoes allows them to have an easy-to-slip-on system, and you won’t have to worry about the shoes coming off while moving. However, some models have laces for additional balance and support. 

  • Supports Sustainability 

Considering all of their packaging is biodegradable, the Heyu Dude manufacturers give a high priority to sustainability. The particulars like cork insoles, recyclable materials, and organic cotton keep people choosing their shoes over others.

  • Maintenance And Cleaning Aren’t An Issue

 The shoes’ lightweight outsole and material selection make regular cleaning and maintenance quite effortless. Both machine-wash and hand-wash are preferable for them, and it takes only a few minutes to complete. In addition, the breathable upper allows for quicker air drying.

Where to Purchase Hey Dude Shoes

You may purchase your Hey Dude shoes directly from the company’s website or from other trustworthy online retailers.

  • Shop Hey Dude shoes on the official Hey Dude Website
  • Shop Hey Dude shoes via Amazon
  • Shop Hey Dude shoes via Walmart
  • Shop Hey Dude shoes via Nordstrom

Final Thoughts

Hey Dude was founded to offer readily available comfortable footwear to people of all ages, and they have succeeded in doing so for so long. Comfort, quality, and style, Hey Dude shoes have it all. 

With the fresh designs, new features like eco-friendly material, and versatile colors continually being added to their collection each year, it’s unquestionable that the Hey Dude will be trendy and popular for many more years to come. 

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