How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoes?

How much does it cost to ship shoes? Shipping costs can range from $10 to over $100 but depend on the shoe’s weight, delivery distance, quantity, taxes, and shipping services. 

Different courier service charge differently, whereas few offer flat rates while some decide the shipping charges on delivery speed. Besides, if you’re shipping shoes with the original box, the shipping cost may increase due to the box’s weight. 

To reduce the cost of shipping, use lighter boxes, pack shoes efficiently, and ship slower. Confused about the shoe’s shipping cost? Scroll through our detailed guide for a quick clarification and pick the proper service with a reasonable shipping cost.

Table For Shoe Shipping Service Cost

National Shoe Shipping Service Cost

Courier ServicesShipping TimePackage WeightShipping Fee
USPS Priority Mail Express2 days5 lbs$71.35
USPS Priority Mail4 days5 lbs$26.70
USPS Retail Ground8 days5 lbs$23.90
FedEx 2Day2 days5 lbs$58.30
FedEx Ground2 days5 lbs$19.06
UPS 2 Day Air2 days5 lbs$54.08
UPS Ground4 days5 lbs      $20.07
Easyship USPS Priority Mail2 days5 lbs$9.56
Easyship USPS Parcel Select7 days5 lbs$20.66
Easyship USPS Priority Mail Express2 days5 lbs$60.35
  • The shipping distance is from Los Angeles to Miami.

International Shoe Shipping Service Cost

Courier ServicesShipping TimePackage WeightShipping Fee
USPS Priority Mail Express International3-5 days5 lbs$88.55
USPS Priority Mail International6-10 days5 lbs$71.25
FedEx International Priority4 days5 lbs$195.40
FedEx International Economy5 days5 lbs$173
UPS Worldwide Express4 days5 lbs$173.89
UPS Worldwide Saver4 days5 lbs$171.19
Easyship SF Express Economy Express6-7 days5 lbs$17.77
Easyship DHL Express Worldwide1-2 days5 lbs$48.35
Easyship USPS Priority Mail Express International3-5 days5 lbs$79.17
Easyship USPS Priority Mail International6-10 days5 lbs$67.69
  • The shipping distance is from Los Angeles to Hong Kong

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoe 

The shipping cost of any shoe depends on the weight, delivery distance, shipping quantity, taxes, post office, and parcel shipping. Let’s have a look at these conditions in detail. 

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoe 

Shoe’s Weight 

According to Colorofshoes, a shoe’s weight is a crucial factor that can fluctuate the shipping cost. Basically, two things mainly decide the total package weight, the packaging material, and the shoe’s weight. 

Again, the shipping cost will increase if you ship your shoes in the initial package. It happens because the original shoe box is a bit heavier than the shipping one. That’s why people like to send their products in a different package to save the shipping cost. 

Delivery Distance 

Delivery distance is another fact that impacts the shipping cost. In fact, there is a huge difference in shipping costs for Domestic and International shipping. 

If you are shipping shoes internationally, you need to pay additional taxes, which increase the cost. On the other hand, domestic shipping requires more bucks for longer delivery distances.

Shoe Quantity 

The shipping cost differs depending on the quantity. In short, the price will increase or decrease counting on the shoe’s quantity. 

But, some courier companies offer discounts on the bulk order. Hence, check out different services to know the courier company’s requirements and offers before making a deal. 


Domestic shipments don’t require any tax, which keeps the shipping cost lower. Only international delivery requires taxes or duties. In fact, the receiver must pay the duties and taxes per the country’s import tax regulations.

Now, the tax payment will add to the shipping cost in case of international delivery. If you’re looking for international shipping, collect the necessary information about shipping taxes to estimate the total cost.

USPS Or Post Office 

USPS is the best option to deal with the cheapest cost if you want to ship only one pair of shoes. Besides, USPS offers several services for sending footwear, including first-class mail, priority mail, priority mail express, and retail ground. 

Again, the shipping cost of first-class service starts from $4, which is excellent for sending one pair of shoes or a small package. Also, the retail ground service is best for sending more than one pair of shoes or bulk orders. 

Further, the flat rate priority mail and priority mail express provide the best services for shipping shoes and offers the lowest cost. Also, send your product through the post office if there is no USPS service in your area. 

Parcel Shipping 

UPS or FedEx are other shipping service providers to deliver a parcel. Still, these services offer flat rates or lower rates for shipping your footwear. In domestic services, delivery distance is not a crucial matter. But, packaging size is the main factor in flat-rate pricing.

Moreover, different packages come with various fees, including large, extra-large, medium, and trim. FedEx provides six additional shipping costs for the flat-rate service, while UPS offers only three options. Hence, FedEx’s shipping fee is more expensive than UPS’s. 

Regardless, four essential things affect parcel shipping costs for every service: weight, distance, delivery speed, and package size.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship Shoes? 

The cheapest way to ship shoes depends on comparing shipping rates, using flat-rate shipping boxes, packing shoes efficiently, shipping slower, and printing shipping labels. Let’s have a look at the ways. 

What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship Shoes 

Compare Shipping Rates 

Based on the Hoodmwr, if you want to ship shoes cheaply, it is wise to compare the shipping rates of different courier companies. Even an online shipping fee calculator can help you to calculate the shipping rate of multiple companies. We suggest comparing the shipping rates between the other carriers and finding the best option for you. 

Use Flat-Rate Shipping Boxes 

Flat-rate shipping boxes is a great option to save money on shipping cost. But, the price of flat-rate shipping boxes is fixed, however the distance or weight. As a result, use flat-rate opportunities to send a big package cheaply. 

Pack Shoes Efficiently

Efficient packing of shoes can save a few bucks on the shipping cost. Packing material’s weight matters in bulk shipping. Hence, lightweight materials are better for packaging and help to reduce total weight. Also, proper packing keeps products safe from any potential damage.

Opt For Slower Shipping 

Few shipping services offer cheap costs for slower shipping, like ground shipping. Due to the slow shipping, ground shipping costs less than express shipping. If you don’t have an urgency, you can choose a slower shipping service to reduce costs. 

Print Labels Online 

Printing shipping labels online is another way to reduce the cost of shipping. In fact, some courier service provider offers discount rates on online print labels rather than at the post office. If you want to reduce costs, send your shoes with online print labels. 

How To Ship Shoes In Their Original Boxes? 

To ship shoes in their original boxes securely, use dual boxes and fill up empty space and seal the box securely. Let’s dig into the process in detail. 

How To Ship Shoes In Their Original Boxes 

Using Dual Boxes 

As per Trustedinformer, double boxes are a great way to keep the original shoe boxes intact. Besides, dual box offer protection against unwanted damage to products. Even it keeps the original box safe from any damage during shipping.

Now, simply pack your shoes as usually do. Then, put the pack in the initial box and use another package to wrap the box. We suggest using a double box if you opt for a flat-rate priority mail. Otherwise, the weight may increase the shipping cost. 

Packaging Paper To Fill Up 

Packaging paper helps to secure the shoe box from moving or jumping during transit. When shipping internationally, it is a must to use packaging paper to fill in the gap. On the other hand, you can avoid such shipment hassles in domestic shipping.

However, it is better to pack with packaging papers or shipping peanuts to protect the original shoe box. But, the parcel’s weight can increase with excessive use of packaging material which can affect the cost.

Seal The Box Securely 

Once you fill-up the empty spaces, seal the box with packaging tape. Then, look closely at the packaging and ensure no holes or gaps are visible. If any holes are visible, use clear tape to fill them appropriately.

How To Reduce Shoe Shipping Costs 

To reduce the shipping cost of shoes, use lighter packaging materials, prefer bulk shopping, use free shipping supplies, pick the correct method, and use online shipping calculators. Let’s have a look at these ways in detail.

Pick Lighter Packaging Materials 

How To Reduce Shoe Shipping Costs 

If you’re shipping shoes in bulk, the minimum weight of packaging material impacts the total weight of the shoe box. Now, the weight of the shoe box will eventually increase the shipping cost.

To reduce the weight of shoe boxes, we suggest using lighter materials like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or air pillows. Due to the low weight of these materials, the shoe package becomes lighter and reduces the shipping cost.

Go For Shipping In Bulk

From the Containernews, the cost of shipping per shoe pair decreases gradually with the increasing number of units. That’s why we suggest shipping shoes in bulk to minimize the shipping expenses, especially on international ones. Besides, shipping in bulk creates more opportunities for discounts on shipping charges.

Pick The Right Shipping Method 

Based on delivery speed and requirements, shipping prices vary from method to method. In fact, check out every available shipping option before picking the right one. If you’re okay with late arrival, go for ground shipping to save a few bucks.

Use Free Shipping Supplies 

Sometimes the carriers offer free shipping supplies that can effectively reduce the shipping cost. If you pick the free shipping supplies from carriers, it can save the cost of packaging materials. Also, it is better to select the correct type of boxes depending on the distance. 

Use Online Shipping Calculators

Several online sites offer shipping calculators and tools to calculate the shipping cost depending on distance and time. To estimate the actual shipping cost, go to these sites and check out the real price right now. If you notice the fluctuation in distance, it becomes easy to pick the right strategies to reduce the cost.

How To Pack Shoes To Ship Domestically or Internationally?

If you want to ship a shoe box domestically or internationally without any damage, always pick the correct shipping box, use quality packaging material, fill empty spaces, and securely seal and label the box. Let’s go through these packaging steps in detail. 

How To Pack Shoes To Ship Domestically or Internationally

Clean The Shoes

Before going through the packaging, clean the shoes first. If you’re involved in reselling business, clean and dry the shoes properly. Otherwise, the dust and debris may trigger mold growth while the shoes are on shipping.

Pick The Correct Shipping Box 

Due to different shoe types, it is a little hard to select the correct shoe box. When you’re dealing with short-distance shipping, a small to medium cardboard box can work well for you. 

On the other hand, Corrugated boxes can keep shoes safe in long-distance or international shoe shipping. But, these boxes still can get damaged by high heels. If you want to ship these shoes safely, we suggest using bubble mailers or bubble wrap. In short, try to use double boxes for packaging to keep the box free of damage.

Use Quality Packaging Material

During transit, shoe packages can get damaged due to several reasons. Jiskcosn states international shipping may result in severe damage to products because of long travels. It is better to wrap shoes with packing materials like bubble wrap, paper, or packing cloth. Hence, these materials can offer better protection against any sort of damage during transit.

Fill Empty Spaces

If the shoe box is empty, it may bounce around, shift the box and damage the dox while shipping. To avoid such damages during transit, we suggest filling the empty spaces with air pillows, packing peanuts, or crumpled newspapers. 

Now, insert these cushioning materials between the shoe space and the original box. It prevents the bouncing or shifting of the box and keeps shoebox safes even on international shipping.

Securely Seal The Box

If you don’t seal the box correctly, the shoe may come out while bouncing or shaking. It will ruin the product and disturbs customers’ experience. To ensure the customer’s better unboxing experience, we suggest sealing the box with packaging tape. 

Label The Box

Once you seal the box securely, label the box with the shipping address. For quick and better understanding, print the shipping address & other relevant information and stick them into the box properly.


How To Know Shipping Costs For Shoes?

Start with measuring the weight of the shoe package. Once you have the accurate package weight, use a shipping fee calculator to estimate the total shipping cost for shoes. 

Which Shipping Service Is Cheapest?

According to ShipBob, USPS is the cheapest option, followed by UPS and FedEx. Due to the different types of services and affordability, USPS is the most popular and demanding shoe shipping service.

How To Ship Shoes Without The Original Box?

To ship shoes without the original box, wrap shoes with quality packing materials like bubble wrap or packing paper first. Then, fill in the remaining gaps with air pillows or crumpled newspapers. Finally, seal the box correctly and level the shipping address.

What Size Shoe Box Should I Use For Ship?

The best dimension of a shoebox is 12x 10x 4 inches for shipping shoes. Most store uses the size, and regular shoes fit well on it.

Can I Ship Shoes In Their Own Box?

Yes, shipping shoes in their own boxes is the best idea. Just fill in the remaining gaps with air pillows, packing peanuts, or crumpled newspapers, and seal the box correctly.

Final Thoughts 

Let’s warp up our detailed guide. The shipping cost can range from $10 to over $100 and depends on the shoe’s weight, delivery distance, quantity, taxes, and parcel shipping. Also, using flat-rate shipping boxes, packing shoes efficiently, shipping slower, and printing labels can reduce the shipping cost. 
Moreover, always ship your shoes in the original boxes; use packaging paper to fill up and seal the box securely. Also, use a shipping calculator to estimate the total cost of shipping. So, choose the best shipping option to parcel shoe boxes safely and quickly!

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