What socks to wear with Blundstones?

Wearing an ideal pair of socks with Blundstone boots can give you a breeze feeling whether you are traveling or working. But what to wear with blundstones for added comfort? what socks to wear with Blundstones?

What socks to wear with Blundstones - The Best Sock Pairs for You

Merino Wool and Darn Tough are two recommended socks for wearing with Blundstone boots. Where Merino wool is comfortable, good in breathability and odor-resistant, allowed to wear throughout the day. On the contrary, the Darn Tough is great for uncompromised durability and comfort.

This guide will discuss the different socks you can wear with Blundstone boots. Besides, you will know the factors to choosing socks to wear with Blundstone. So, let’s start.

What are Blundstones?

Blundstone is an incredibly popular boot brand that originated in Tasmania, Australia. This brand becomes popular for its durable build and comfortable feel. All Blundstone-produced boots are made with high-quality leather and dough soles. As a result, these boots get popular for work, outdoor, travel and casual use. Also note that Blundstone 500 series are so popular for longevity, style and comfort.

What are the different types of socks you can wear with Blundstone?

There have some significant socks that are recommended for wearing with Blundstone. Here we are discussing some of those ideal pairs of socks.

Wool socks:

Wool socks are very heavy weights that provide warmth and cushioning. This heavyweight sock is a good choice for cold weather and outdoor travel. So, you can use it with Blundstone in the winter season.

Synthetic blend socks:

Synthetic blend socks are one of the best socks for blundstone boots.  If you want to use a great sock with enough warmth and breathability. Do note that synthetic socks are good for medium cooler temperatures.

Lightweight synthetic socks:

These socks are perfect for Blundstone boots for keeping your feet cool and dry. It is recommended to use in warm weather and high-intensity activities. You can wear these socks with Blundstone in summer season or hot weather. 

Ankle socks:

If you are looking for a fashionable sock for your Blundstone, then ankle socks with blundstones are a great choice. Most of the fashion-conscious guys are fond of ankle socks with their blundstone. 

No-show socks:

No-show socks are also known as invisible socks. Celebrity Blundstone users love to wear these socks with Blundstone. Also, note that no-show socks are generally designed for fashion purposes.

It’s always recommended to try different options depending on your demand and style. 

How to Choose Socks to Wear with Blundstones?

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing socks to wear with Blundstones. Let’s have a look at these.

How to Choose Socks to Wear with Blundstones


The first consideration is the construction material of the socks. It is suggested to choose thicker socks. The wool-made socks are a good choice for wearing with Blundstones. When thinking about materials you should consider the environment of your area. For example, socks of thinner material will not do well in colder areas. On the contrary, heavy wool material will not good for high-tempered area.


Another important factor to consider is the fitness of the socks. If your Blundstone is a loosened fit, then choose a heavyweight sock. On the other hand, choose lightweight socks for tight-fitting Blundstone boots.

Moisture wicking:

Consider the moisture-wicking features when purchasing socks for your Blundstone. Since Blundstone is good for all-day long wearing, it requires moisture-wicking socks.

Remember that there have certain brands or types of socks like Darn Tough or Smartwool. These are reliable for wearing with Blundstone boots.

What Are the Best Socks to Wear with Blundstone Boots?

Blundstone shoes are built to last in tough conditions all day long. If you want best socks to make the boots more comfortable in Blundstone, you should use the best-quality socks. There have a lot of socks available for Blundstone boots. But finding out the ideal socks may be tricky. Here are three of the top best socks for Blundstone boots. Let’s know which one is best for which features.

What Are the Best Socks to Wear with Blundstone Boots

Merino Wool Socks for Men and Women

Merino Wool is made with an awesome combination of wool, polyester and nylon. You will get the best coziness, cushioned footbed and warmth from these socks. Besides, it has temperature, sweat and odor controlling abilities. Moreover, these are available in varieties of sizes. So, Merino wool socks are best for use with Blundstone shoes.

Darn Tough Men’s Hiker Boot

Darn Tough is another recommended sock to use with Blundstone boots. These are medium-weight socks and are ideal for medium temperatures. It has a medium cushioned footbed provides comfort in both summer and winter. However, it is less comfortable than Merino wool but durable enough like Merino wool. Also, note that Darn is designed with modern style and color. So, you can wear these socks with any Blundstone boots.

Everyday Solid Rib Light Cushion Crew Socks

Rib light crew socks are great for casual use. It is well-known for enhanced durability and virtually seamless toe for added comfort. Besides, these socks are good because of having 4 Degree elite fit and lightweight cushioning. These socks will give your feet a very light feel. And that’s why you can wear them with Blundstone for work or casual use.


How to wear Blundstones with socks?

It is recommended to wear socks with Blundstone based on the proper fittings. For example, wear heavyweight socks to loosen fit Blundstone. Similarly, wear thicker socks if you have tight-fitting Blundstone boots. Besides, remember to choose the right type of sock to ensure a comfortable fit. 

Also, wear a thin, moisture-wicking sock made of breathable material. Hope you got the points that how to wear blundstones with socks. 

 Should You Wear Socks with Ankle blundstone Boots?

Wearing socks with any boots looks like a person more traditional. Whether you will wear or not socks with ankle blundstone is depends on your own preference. But wearing socks with ankle boots will give you warm and comfort and more casual look at feet.

What socks to wear with Blundstone Chelsea Boots?

Wear dark color and thicker wool socks with Blundstone Chelsea boots. Remember that bright colored patterned socks may clash with Blundstone Chelsea. So, avoid to use patterned socks. 


We hope you already know what socks to wear with Blundstones. Varieties of stylish and comfortable socks are available to wear with Blundstone boots. We have listed some best socks for Blundstone boots. You can use heavy wool, medium wool and thicker wool socks. What is best depends on the users’ requirements and preferences. Let us know if you have more queries or corrections about our guide. We always love to update our guide with new information.

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