How Much Do Crocs Weigh? (Weight Chart)

How much do Crocs weigh? Depending on the size and type of Crocs you choose, they usually weigh between 300-450 grams.

How Much Do Crocs Weigh A Detailed Discussion On Crocs Weight Chart

We all know that Crocs are made of Croslite, a specialized closed-cell resin. 

Resultantly, they are lightweight and resilient without sacrificing comfort.

However, the bulky exterior of this famous footwear often misguides people to believe that Crocs are heavier.

But if you can get an original pair of Crocs instead of its knockoffs, you can enjoy one of the lightest shoes ever.

On that note, let’s check out the following discussion on how various styles of Crocs weigh differently based on their sizes.

How Much Do Crocs Weigh In Kg?

As stated above, the average weight of a pair of original Crocs could be anywhere between 0.3-0.45 kg.

How Much Do Crocs Weigh In Kg

Although it mostly depends on the types and sizes of Crocs.

For example, a classic clog Croc pair is heavier than the newest Literide Crocs. 

If you get a size 12 pair of the classic clog, it weighs around 368 grams.

On the other hand, the latest Literide model of the same size weighs 299 grams.

In addition, the smaller the shoe size, the lighter it is.

For instance, a pair of Crocs in size 8 is lighter than size 12. 

Also, Croc’s weight can vary depending on who the shoes are intended for, men or women.

How Much Do Size 6 Crocs Weigh?

A pair of Crocs in size 6 can weigh between 12-18 ounces depending on the style. That means the weight of a single shoe in size 6 could be 170-255 grams.

Here is a chart for the weight of a size 6 Crocs in various models.

Model Weight (per shoe)
Xero Shoes Z-Trail5.4 ounces
Crocs Classic Clog 6 ounces
Vivobarefoot Ultra lll8 ounces
Speedo Surf Knit Water Shoe9 ounces

How Much Do Size 10 Crocs Weigh?

A size 10 Crocs pair usually weighs 12 ounces.

But how much do Crocs weigh in grams for size 10? You can easily convert the measurement from oz to gram to see the result. It weighs around 340 grams for a pair.

How Much Do Size 11 Crocs Weigh?

A size 11 pair of Crocs usually weigh anywhere between 11 to 16 ounces. So, the average weight for a pair of size 11 Crocs is around a pound. 

How Much Do Size 12 Crocs Weigh?

Again, it depends on the style of Crocs you go for. For a classic clog pair in size 12, the weight is around 368 grams.

But please remember that the weight will vary for other models of Crocs even in the same size. 

So, we recommend checking the weight carefully before you purchase a pair.

How Much Do Size 13 Crocs Weigh?

Well, a size 12 and size 13 Crocs are almost similar in weight. In fact, a classic clog size 13 pair of Crocs weighs the same as size 12, 368 grams.

How Much Do Crocs Weigh In Grams?

Generally speaking, the weight of a typical Croc shoe varies from 150-225 grams. So, the weight for a pair would be 300-450 grams.

But how much Crocs weigh also greatly depends on the sizes. The bigger shoes are usually heavier compared to the smaller versions.

How Much Do Crocs Literide Weigh?

The Literide is the newest addition to Crocs footwear which is even lighter than the Croslite material. But how much is the Literate Crocs weight? Are they the lightest Crocs ever?

In all honesty, Literide Crocs are 25% lighter and 40% softer than the regular Croslite material. Resultantly, they are incredibly lighter weighing only 283-299 grams.

As you can see, the average Crocs weight for the Literide model is way less than the regular Crocs versions.

On one hand, this makes these variants more comfortable to wear on a camping/hiking trip.

On the other hand,  the Literide foam insoles provide unparalleled cushioning for a relaxed fit.

Overall, Literide Crocs are your best bet if you need to stand on the shoes for a long period. The aesthetic architecture, lightweight engineering, and uncompromising stability make the shoes one of the must-haves of all time.

Another point to be noted, Crocs Literide is available for both men and women in a wide array of color variants. So, you can pick your favorite color in this model.

How Much Do Crocs Bistro Weigh?

The weight of a pair of Bistro Crocs in size 12 is nearly 0.73 pounds or 331 grams.

Yes, Bistro Crocs are a bit heavier than the other Crocs counterparts. Because they feature a thicker metatarsal area along with a raised heel cup.

Besides, they don’t have ventilation holes. And the toe box is quite roomy.

In terms of appearance, Crocs Bistro is similar to Crocs Classic. But Bistro Crocs have a closed-toe design along with slip-resistant soles.

How Much Do Baya Crocs Weigh?

Another great variant of Crocs, the famous fashion footwear brand is Baya. Baya Crocs weigh around 195 grams for a size 12 men’s shoe.

That means a single Baya Croc weighs nearly 0.43 pounds.

Similar to Crocs Classic Clogs, they are made of Croslite foam which makes them lightweight and antimicrobial.

The key difference with a classic clog pair is that they have more ventilation holes. 

As a result, these models are more breathable. 

How Much Do Crocband Crocs Weigh?

The average weight of a Crocband size 12 Crocs is around 272 grams/ 0.6 pounds.

If you are a great fan of the Crocs classic clogs, you will surely love the Crocband style too.

In fact, these are even sportier, having more attractive and colorful designs.

However, Crocband Crocs don’t feature side vents like the classic clogs.

Hey, don’t fret! They provide enough ventilation with a relaxed fit.

How Much Do Crocs All Terrain Weigh?

As the name suggests, it’s a very secure footwear for all outdoor activities. The extraordinary tread of all-terrain Crocs ensures a better grip on the trail. 

Moreover, the ankle knee strap lets you control the shoes comfortably. 

As for weight, a size 12 men’s all-terrain Croc weighs 254 grams per shoe. 

But how much do Crocs weigh in pounds? Well, the same size of Crocs in the same model weighs around 0.56 pounds per shoe.

How Much Do Crocs Weigh Compared To Other Types Of Shoes?

Thanks to Croslite, the foam-like material, Crocs are pretty lightweight and comfortable compared to other types of shoes.

Though the weight depends on the shoe size and style in most cases, Crocs are unarguably lighter.

For instance, the minimum weight of a pair of athletic shoes starts from 1 pound. 

Sometimes, it can weigh up to 2 pounds or 907 grams or even more.

In fact, the average weight of a pair of women’s shoes is 2-2.25 pounds (908-1134 grams).

But a pair of men’s Crocs typically weighs between 0.5-1 pound ( 227-454 grams).

See how lightweight they are!

Below is a weight chart for  Crocs based on its variety of models.

Crocs TypeWeight (in pounds)
Classic Clog0.43
Crocs Baya0.43
Crocs All Terrain 0.56
Crocs Crocband0.60
Crocs Bistro0.73
Crocs Literide 0.66

Point to be noted, the above-listed weights are based on a size 12 Croc for men.

How Much Does A Pair Of Crocs Weigh For Men?

Men’s Crocs are a bit heavier compared to those for women.

A pair of Crocs for men could weigh from 8 to 16 ounces. (0.5-1 pound / 227-454 grams).

However, the weight depends on the size and style of the shoes as well.

How Much Does A Pair Of Crocs Weigh For Women? 

Among the key factors that decide how much a pair of shoes weigh, size, material, type, features, etc. are worth mentioning. 

In addition, the weight of a shoe also depends on age group and gender.

As we all know, women’s shoes are slightly lighter than men’s shoes and Crocs are no exception.

A pair of women’s Crocs usually weighs around 6-12 ounces (170-340 grams).

However, regardless of your age, gender, and preferred shoe style, you should always go for lightweight Crocs to enjoy your outdoor activities.

How Much Do Kids’ Crocs Weigh? 

Generally speaking, kids’ shoes are designed as more lightweight whether it’s Crocs or any other shoes.

How Much Do Kids' Crocs Weigh 

And they must be easier to put on and take off.

Fortunately, Crocs fit the demands perfectly as a 2-year-old kid can easily wear their shoes.

However, a pair of kids’ Croc weighs around 4-8 ounces. This weight is not constant and can vary based on the exact size of the shoes.

Final Words 

If you could get an original pair of Crocs, you will be blown away by its matchless comfort and flexibility. 

Despite the hefty architecture, Crocs are, indeed, one of the most lightweight footwear ever made.

Hopefully, the guide above cleared the air regarding the endless query, how much do Crocs weigh?

Now that you have a clear idea of which size of Crocs has how much weight, you can pick the right pair easily.

As Crocs are meant to blend style and comfort together, they are in no way heavyweight to compromise the lenience.

So, if you are in search of a comfortable pair of shoes not to weigh you down, what could be better than Crocs?

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