Why are Chacos so expensive?

Many prospective buyers of chacos footwear asked why chacos are so expensive. The price range of the Chacos may be high compared to other contemporary footwear. But considering the features and benefits of Chacos, whether it is expensive or not will depend on the user’s opinion.

Why are chacos so expensive - Analyzing the Cost of Chacos

Chacos footwear is a great option for outdoor activities. It is a heart-winning brand because of its style, comfort and customizable conveniences. Besides, the hand-made design, brand reputation and durable construction material impact the price range of this footwear.

If you are interested in chacos, let’s explore why they are expensive. Why are chacos so expensive? And why do people wear Chacos? In this guide, we will discuss: Is chacos worth it?

Are chacos worth it?

Are chacos worth it

Chacos are the most popular footwear for outdoor activities. These are durable, comfortable and supportive for hiking, rafting and camping. Moreover, chacos have adjustable straps for a secure fit and a patterned outsole for better traction. In short, Chacos is a reliable brand for making the best footwear for outdoor activities. But chacos are relatively more expensive than another outdoor footwear. Proper take care can prolong your chacos. The unique features, incredible durability and the customer’s popularity make this footwear worth its price. So, are chacos worthy of price? In a word, yes chacos are worthy choice for the price. 

Why are chacos so expensive?

Chacos has become a trendy footwear brand now. There is some strong logic for Chacos being expensive. We highlight some important factors here.

Why are chacos so expensive

Innovative design:

Chacos produces innovative and funky designs for their sandals, shoes and slippers. Their unique and stylish footwear design is completely different from another footwear. We know sandals naturally come with less beauty than shoes. However, the fashion statement and uniqueness of chacos sandals can stand out among other shoes.

Chacos are designed to adjust to any social program, friends-meeting and outdoor activities. You can retain your style and fashion statement with chacos sandals. You can make yourself presentable uniquely among others.

Impenetrable Durability:

Chacos is uncompromising when it comes to durability. Stronger and more high-end material is used to make these chacos sandals. The durable Polyurethane (PU) footbed materials, rubber-made outsoles and polyester fabric straps ensure the incredible chacos. These are reliable for long-lasting use. The chacos need very less maintenance. However, you would better to clean, wash, dry and store your chacos after using in the water sports. 


Chacos are one of the best options to keep your feet comfortable and secure in summer. The design of the Chacos is open and has a lot of room for ventilation. Chacos sandals will hold your feet in place with just a few straps. It results in no shade on or around the feet, providing maximum comfort to your feet.

Secure fit:

Despite being an open-air ventilated system, chacos provide a great secure fit. Chacos have become more popular as user-friendly footwear due to their amazing adjustability. The mystery of the adjustability is its Velcro straps. You can tighten the straps as per your requirement. Besides, the adjustability straps help to adjust the sizing. For example, you can easily adjust your loosen-fit chacos with these straps.


Chacos are easier to put on, put off and maintain. The artificial PU material makes these sandals moderately waterproof. Some chacos users think adjusting the straps are difficult and time-consuming. Besides, chacos are convenient to clean, wash and dry.


The versatility of Chacos will surprise and delight you. They were designed for general outdoor activities only. But for their features and convenience, they are used in important outdoor sports like hiking, rafting, running and walking. We hope you realized that why chacos are the best among another outdoor footwear. 

What materials are used to make Chacos?

Different parts of Chacos are made of different materials. However, the mostly used material for chacos is polyurethane (PU) compounds. Do note the footbed is made of PU. PU is highly durable and doesn’t easily break down. On the contrary, the midsole material is LuvSeat PU, and the adjustable straps are designed with polyester material. Also, note that the outsoles of chacos material are Chaco Grip rubber. High-quality Polyester jacquard webbing is used to make the upper parts of the chacos.

Why do people wear Chacos?

Why do people wear Chacos

Hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts like to wear chacos for their purpose. But chacos have some common features that all outdoor sports lovers love. For example, people love to wear chacos for ultimate comfort with sturdy footbeds and adjustable straps. Not only that, chacos come with incredible durability and versatility. Besides, the chacos users can enjoy great traction. Moreover, many people wear chacos to maintain their footwear style.

Who is a competitor to Chacos?

Several brands are delivering chaos-like sandals for outdoor activities. Let’s know some popular brands.


Teva is a specialized brand to make unique outdoor sandals. Teva produces a wide range of comfortable and durable sandals. You can use Teva for hiking, casual use and water sports.


Keen is another popular brand that produces varieties of footwear, including sandals, slippers and shoes. Keen has become popular for its toe guards and waterproof features.


Merrell is an ideal brand that produces outdoor and water sports sandals. It has become popular for producing supportive and comfortable footwear. Besides, the Merrell sandal has adjustable straps and a contoured footbed.


The Reef is an amazing footwear brand popular for comfort and style. Reef footwear is best for beachwear, hiking and everyday use.


What is the manufacturing process for Chacos?

Here are the general steps of the chacos manufacturing process.

  • Making contemporary and stylish designs for sandals and footwear.
  • Collecting materials like rubber, Polyurethane (PU) and nylon webbing
  • Cutting and assembling the material according to the requirements
  • mold making and injecting the mold for specific footwear
  • Finishing and quality control for finalizing

Why is Chacos customizable?

Chacos are customizable because of their adjustable straps. You can customize your chacos sandals with these straps, ideally. Especially the adjustable straps ensure snug fitting without discomfort. When you have chosen a loose-fit chacos, the adjustable straps will let you customize the size.

Are Chacos more expensive than other sandals?

Yes, chacos are more expensive than other sandals. But how much do chacos cost that seems expensive to the customers. Chacos offers unique style, ultimate comfort and customization. Similarly, chacos come with durable materials, polyethene and patterned rubber-made outsoles. Besides, its summer-friendliness and innovative design make chacos more expensive.  

Can I find Chacos on sale or on discount?

You can find chacos on sale or at discounted prices depending on the timing and session of the Chaco manufacturer. You can get chacos at discounted prices from Amazon, Zappos, and REI retailers. Besides, chacos may be available at discounted prices on their website. So, check out their website regularly to get discounts.

Final words:

Do you understand why chacos are so expensive? Chacos are unique and have a wide range of benefits for outdoor activities. The comfort, safety, super customization and durability make chacos more expensive than traditional outdoor footwear.

Note that chacos are not intentionally made for hiking and rafting, but they become incredibly popular as hiking footwear. The flat outsoles, contoured footbed and adjustable straps make chacos ideal for outdoor use.

So, you can use chacos as the best alternative to hiking sandals. But remember that chacos offer moderate support and traction for hiking and rafting.

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