How to Fix Cracked Rainbow Sandals (Step-by-Step Guide)

The process of fixing a pair of Rainbow sandals starts with driving away the debris from the cracked parts, then cleaning and drying them and adding the proper kind of adhesive in between the cracked portions, leaving no up and down in the fixed areas

No doubt, Rainbow sandals irrespective of model or price range are comfortable and durable as well. But when you use a pair of shoes from this manufacturer for several months or years, especially in the rain, you may find them torn, cracked, or simply not suitable for further wearing.

In case you are looking for the best solution to how to fix cracked Rainbow sandals, the following study can provide you with some innovative and effective ways of succeeding in this regard!

How to Fix Cracked Rainbow Sandals?

As you can give a brand new shape and appearance to any Rainbow sandals, you must be curious to know the ways of fixing them. There are some step-by-step techniques on how to fix cracked Rainbow sandals.  

Determine the Extent of the Damage

The first thing that you must do to go forward is to assess the damage to the sandals. It is because whether you need to carry on a simple operation or change the sole solely depends on the extent of the damage.

So, all that you have to do is check the cracks or splits in the leather or sole so that you can determine how deep and serious it is. If the cracks are only on the surface, you can easily repair them with a leather conditioner.

However, if the cracks run deep and the structural integrity of the shoe is compromised, you may need to replace the sole. Then you had better check the Rainbow sandals warranty policies.

Clean the Cracked Parts

After determining the extent of the damage, the next step is to clean the sandals. This is important as any dirt or debris on the sandals will prevent the adhesive or patch from sticking to the shoe. But having a sound knowledge on how to clean Rainbow sandals is a must.

Clean the Rainbow Sandal's Cracked Parts

For making the job easy and quick, you can use a mild detergent and water to clean the sandals, taking care to avoid any parts that you don’t want to get wet. Once you’ve cleaned the foot wears, let them air dry naturally.

Then without making any delay, dry the pair completely before attempting the repair. This ensures that the adhesive will hold properly, which is a must to make the repair effective and long-lasting.

Use a Leather Conditioner

If the cracks are only on the surface, you can use a leather conditioner to fix them. Applying a leather conditioner will moisturize and restore the leather in the sandals, reducing the appearance of cracks and preventing further damage.

Use a Leather Conditioner Cracked Rainbow Sandels

As you are dealing with leather, Lexol Leather Conditioner would serve you the most. Apply a small amount of Lexol to the affected area and allow it to absorb into the leather. Repeat this process until the cracks are less visible.

Apply Shoe Adhesive

Shoe adhesive can be used to fix small cracks in the sole of any Rainbow sandals. This is a particularly good option if the crack is on the surface and hasn’t penetrated deep into the sole.

Make sure that you are choosing a high-quality shoe adhesive. In this regard, you can go for Shoe Goo, which occupies the top position in the market for any kind of shoe repair. 

Apply a small amount of it to the affected areas and spread it evenly. Press the two surfaces together and let the adhesive dry completely before wearing your favorite sandals.

Consider Replacement of the Soles

If the cracks in the sole of the sandals are too deep and stubborn, you may need to replace the entire sole. Meet a cobbler; he can easily replace your pristine soles with new ones, depending on the extent of the damage.

This may cost a bit more than other repair options, but it’s a great investment that will definitely extend the life of your beloved clogs.

Prevent Future Damage

Once you’ve fixed your Rainbow sandals, you can wear them for some more months or even years in case you take care of them to prevent future damage. Then you have no alternative to doing the following.

How to Prevent Rainbow Sandel's Future Damage
  • If you frequently wear sandals, it’s important to apply a leather conditioner every two to three months to keep the leather healthy.
  • Make sure you store your sandals in a cool, dry place when you’re not wearing them.
  • Avoid putting them in direct sunlight, which can dry out the leather and cause it to crack. 


Why Do Rainbow Sandals Last So Long?

Robert Wayne claims that Rainbow sandals last incredibly long because they are made from highly quality materials, using the latest technology.

Does Rainbow Authority Repair Their Sandals?

Yes, they do. But it is applicable only for the footwears that are defective for their manufacturing cause. In case you have the warranty time and they are somehow unable to repair it, you will be given a brand new pair of the same model!

Does Water Ruin Rainbow Sandals?

It depends on the frequency! In case you wear the sandals again and again in the rain and take no care of them, they will become stiff and lose their shiny color.

Are Rainbow Sandals Real Leather?

Definitely, the leather used in Rainbow sandals is real and top-graded as well. That’s why you can wear their sandals for the maximum time!

Do Rainbow Sandals Ship Internationally?

Fortunately, YES! Rainbow manufacturers take orders from around the world, allowing their fans to enjoy their service while staying anywhere!

Final Thought

Cracking in Rainbow sandals doesn’t mean being at the end of the line. With a bit of care and the right repair options, you can make your sandals look new and comfortable again. That’s why you need to have a clear idea on how to fix cracked Rainbow sandals.

You can keep your Rainbow sandals in great condition for years to come when you can manage to identify both the damage and its extent, clean your sandals, use a leather conditioner, apply shoe adhesive, consider replacement soles, and prevent future damage.

After implementing these operations on the sandals, you can hope to wear them for some more years. Above all, your careful use and taking care of them will determine how long they will serve your feet!

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