Do Chacos run big or small? (True to size?)

Chacos is one of the most popular footwear brands in the world. It produces a wide range of stylish sandals, sneakers, slippers and boots for outdoor activities. Chacos get incredibly popular due to their style, comfort and viability. But there is a little bit of confusion in choosing the perfect fit chacos. A lot of chaco lovers often ask do chacos run big or small?

Chacos are usually run true to size or small in size. Going with a size big is recommended if you are entitled to wider feet. Most importantly, the user should check the chacos sizing chart before purchasing. It is best to wear a few pairs of chacos to ensure their comfort level.

So, let’s start. In this guide, we will discuss doing chacos run big, small or fit true to size. How should chacos fit, and what is the chacos sizing chart for men, women and kids?

Does Chacos Run Big, Small or Fit True to Size?

Does Chacos Run Big, Small or Fit True to Size

Do chacos run big or small? chacos sandals are well-known for fitting true to size. However, the fitness may vary depending on the user’s foot shape and the model of the chacos. To get a perfect fit, you must check the sizing chart from the chacos manufacturer. A sizing chart is very helpful in choosing the best-fit chacos for individual men, women and kids.

Remember that your Chacos fitness should be compatible according to the purposes of use. So, make sure in what activities you will wear your chacos. For example, a size-up chacos is ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities. The chances of chafing on the feet are high during outdoor activities, so sizing up will give you extra comfort.

Luckily, chacos usually run true to size. Moreover, these come with adjustable straps that provide a more customized fit. If you want to get the best-fit chacos, check out the size chart, wear your preferred model, and ensure the ideal size before purchasing.

How Should Chacos Fit?

Your chacos should be a snug fit but not too tight fit. Now you need to know what refers to the snug fit. You can place one finger between the heel and the back strap. Similarly, ensure that the straps snugly fit around the feet’ back without shrinking.

How Should Chacos Fit

Choosing the perfect fit is important to ensure prolonged comfort and safety with chacos. Also, note that you can get an ideal fit with adjustable straps. Customize your chacos with adjustable straps in such a way that you can feel a secure fit. In the meantime, make sure that your feet do not slip or feel loose. Overall, make sure about your ultimate comfort after wearing the chacos.

Wide vs Medium or Regular – Which Size Should I Get?

Chacos are available in wide, regular and medium sizes. But the size you should go with depends on the user’s preference and foot shape. Do chacos run big or small? From Reddit information explained that chacos run true to size. Most of the wide feet people need clarification about the chacos shape. So, what size should you go with? If you have a narrower heel, then go with medium width.

The regular to medium-size chacos are designed to adjust with the maximum model. On the contrary, you would like better to go with regular or wide-fit chacos. Similarly, wider-fit chacos are good for those who have high arches. You must wear several pairs of chacos of different sizes and shapes. So, wear a few pairs before purchasing.

Should I Go for Sizing Up or Down for chacos?

Should I Go for Sizing Up or Down for chacos

The first recommendation about chacos is to go with a true fitting size. Sometimes, it would be tricky to figure out the perfect fir chacos. In those cases, you need to go with a size half or down. If you are in the true size, choosing a size up is good since chacos have adjustable straps to tighten your chacos as required. You can also use socks with chacos.

On the contrary, it is a tricky task to adjust the downsize chacos. Even if your chacos have adjustable straps, you can’t easily get comfort from the tight-fitting chacos. Also, if you’re considering wearing socks with the chacos, it’s best to go a size up. A light, loose fit will give a comfortable, snug fit due to wearing socks.

Besides, wider fit chacos are recommended for those with wider feet or a high instep. Overall, consider your foot size, shape and the thickness of your socks.

How to Adjust the Chaco Straps?

How to Adjust the Chaco Straps

The straps must be adjusted properly to get maximum comfort and safety with Chacos. Let’s know the way to adjust your chacos straps correctly.

  • First, loosen all straps, including the toe, heel, and instep straps. Then place your feet on the footbed.
  • Pull the toe strap and tighten it according to the required tension. Make sure your toes are in a snug but not too tight condition.
  • Then pull the instep strap and make it tighten. Adjust the instep so that the sole of your foot is completely on top of the sandal.
  • After then, pull the buckle to adjust the heel strap to ensure the feet’ security on the chacos sandals.
  • When you complete adjusting all straps, wear your chacos to ensure safety and comfort.

How to know what size my Chacos sandal?

Here are some initial steps to know the size of your chacos. However, you can easily get the size from the label or tag on the chacos.

How to know what size my Chacos sandal?
  • Usually, the size of the chacos is labeled on the sandal. Check for any tag or label on the strap or under the sole.
  • Measure your feet to make sure about the chacos you want to have. Stand on the paper and mark around the foot with a pencil. It is good for online purchasing. Otherwise, you can wear the chacos directly to measure the size.
  • Now put the sandal on your feet and see if it fits properly. Now you can try and adjust the straps for a proper fit.

Are Chacos good for lots of walking?

Are Chacos good for lots of walking

Yes, chacos are good for lots of walking. Chacos come with a durable and comfortable footbed. The footbed is good for preventing foot fatigue and discomfort. So, you will get great support and stability for prolonged walking.

Besides, the adjustable straps allow you to adjust the chacos sandals with your foot shape. Hence, the sturdy and durable outsoles provide enough grip and traction on different surfaces. Overall, chacos are good for prolonged walking.


  1. Are chacos good for flat feet?

Yes, chacos are good for flat feet. The Chaco grip soles material, and durable rubber-made outsoles, provide good traction for flat feet. At the same time, the adjustable straps provide safety to wear with flat feet. Note that chacos are podiatrist-certified sandals to provide maximum support at a flat feel.

  1. Is Chacos uncomfortable at first?

Yes, chacos may be uncomfortable at first use. It will take a minimum time to make a comfortable fit on your feet, and that’s normal. The user will feel stiff and uncomfortable during the first week of their wearing. But when you wear them for two-three weeks, you will feel comfortable because of the breakdown of a few days.

  1. What is the core difference between men’s and women’s Chacos?

The main difference between men’s and women’s chacos is their size and fittings. Men’s chacos are designed wider and larger. On the contrary, women’s chacos are designed with a narrower and smaller fit. Besides, men’s chacos come in neutral colors and patterns. But women’s chacos come in bright colors and patterns.

  1. Why is Chacos so popular?

Chacos have become popular for several reasons. Among the reasons for its popularity are comfort, durability and versatility. Besides, chacos are praiseworthy for their contemporary style and fashion statement. Especially, chacos become especially popular for withstanding power in any rough condition. Chacos are great options for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Final Words:

So, we hope you know whether do chacos run big, small, or true to size. Chacos run true to size. If you need clarification about the size despite checking the feet measurement, go with a size up. You can adjust the upsize by wearing socks with it. 

Besides, the adjustable straps will allow you to adjust your fitness. On the other hand, tight fitting chacos would not be comfortable in any way. So, always remember to pick up a snug fit or a bit loose fit when purchasing chacos.

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