Can You Wear White Shoes To A Wedding?

Can you wear white shoes to a wedding? Yes and no, actually it pretty much depends on several factors.

Traditionally, white shoes were preserved for the bride only. So, unless it’s your own wedding, wearing white shoes may be frowned upon by many people, even by the couple themselves. But as white footwear is now on trend, you can pick a pair as a wedding guest, following some special rules of course.

Although the “no white at weddings” law has been strictly maintained so as not to outshine the bride for years, it is allowed under some specific social and cultural considerations.

Besides, the wedding season, time, dress code, venue, bride’s outfit, etc. plays a vital role in solving this age-old dilemma.

So, let’s look forward to what modern wedding etiquette says regarding putting on a white pair on someone else’s big day! 

Can You Wear White Shoes to a Wedding? A Brief History

Actually, there are two schools of thought regarding the history of white wedding dresses.

One of them suggests that it started at the beginning of the 19th century when white tunics were worn in Greece.

Can You Wear White Shoes to a Wedding A Brief History

However, another school of thought claims that it all started when Queen Victoria wore an impressive white lace gown at her wedding in 1840.

The elaborate white satin dress was later replicated by celebrities and thus it became a tradition to wear white at weddings.

Moreover, white represents calmness, peace, tranquility, and innocence. That’s why brides have been wearing white dresses and shoes to represent purity on such a celebrated occasion. 

So, traditionally, you shouldn’t wear white dresses or shoes as a guest to steal the spotlight from the bride. You shouldn’t outdo the bride in any way, you know! 

But the wedding industry is evolving and things are changing nowadays. So, a little bit of white wouldn’t raise any eyebrows, we guess. 

If you have no other option, you can wear white shoes at weddings, but it should be paired with a non-white outfit.

Is It Okay to Wear White Shoes to a Wedding as a Guest? 

Umm, let’s put it this way that it’s okay to wear white shoes as a wedding guest but it’s probably not the best decision. 

As we all know, western brides wear white on their big day. So, white is a socially forbidden color for others at a wedding ceremony. 

Being the go-to color for brides, it will somehow put you in an awkward situation as a wedding guest. 

Is It Okay to Wear White Shoes to a Wedding as a Guest 

Though it’s not a strict rule, only a tradition, we don’t want to be the center of attention on someone else’s special day, right?

After all, you don’t want to resemble the bride in outfits, shoes, or accessories. 

Therefore, it’s better to avoid all-white dresses or shoes on such an occasion to stay away from the spotlight. 

Rules for Wearing White Shoes to a Wedding

However, some crucial factors should be taken into consideration before you go for a pair of white sneakers or pump shoes as a wedding guest.

Let’s take a closer look into them in detail. 

Rules for Wearing White Shoes to a Wedding

Check the Dress Code

Can you wear white shoes and a bag to a wedding? That pretty much depends on the wedding dress code.

Usually, there are three dress codes at a wedding function- formal, semi-formal, and casual.

Now, if the party calls for a formal dress code such as a black-tie outfit for men and a formal evening gown for women, you certainly cannot wear white shoes with them.

For a semi-formal dress code, you probably pick a white pair of shoes if it compliments your outfit well.

Thirdly, if the wedding has a casual dress code, relax! This is your chance to flaunt your favorite white footwear.  

But you have to check the invitation card if it specifies any dress code or not.

In case it’s an all-white party, you can surely put on a white pair of your choice. 

Be Culturally Aware

White is the bridal color in Western countries. But in some cultures, white is worn in events that are associated with mourning. 

So, you must know about the culture and tradition of the bridal couple whose wedding you are attending. 

This will also protect you from being a fashion terrorist. 

Consult with the Couple 

If you want to wear white heels at a wedding, consult with the bridal couple beforehand. 

Because a highly strung couple will be easily stressed out if you wear white on their special day unannounced.

It’s especially safer to speak to the bride. And her consent really does matter to decide on this tricky phenomenon. 

Rest assured that the bride will truly appreciate this respectful gesture. It means you really care for the couple and respect their personal preferences. 

A Big No for Full-White Attire

Whether it’s shoes or accessories, never ever go with a full-white look unless it’s your own wedding. This look is particularly prime served for the bride, you know!

No matter how much the trend has changed, it still is considered disrespectful and you could be the next social media meme sensation for trying to upstage the bride. 

Are You the Bridesmaid/ Groomsman?

Are you? Then do check what the bride and groom are going to wear. They might have a specific color or theme in their minds. 

And your shoe selection must match the overall vibe and color scheme of the wedding.

As a bridesmaid or groomsman, you are a vital part of the wedding event. 

Therefore, you should be careful in your attire (including shoes) to match the formality level of the occasion. 

Most importantly, you must coordinate with the couple in terms of shoes, outfits, and other accessories. If white shoes let you reflect the chosen style of the bridal couple, why not?

Avoid White Shoes in Outdoor Wedding

Another important consideration to decide on wedding guest shoes is the venue. If the event occurs outdoors, avoiding white or any bright footwear is better. 

Because it only grabs unnecessary attention. Plus, the outdoor environment might ruin your white sneakers with dirt.

Ask for a Second Opinion 

Don’t decide it all by yourself. After all, you are not the only one to attend the wedding, right?

So, pay close attention to other people’s concerns regarding your white footwear, especially to your close ones.

If your friends or family members raise any objections, avoid wearing white shoes. You are going to take pictures with them at the event and you surely don’t want to be left out, do you?

How Much White Can You Wear to a Wedding? 

Although wearing white as a wedding guest is accepted nowadays, you shouldn’t wear something too bridal. 

How Much White Can You Wear to a Wedding 

For example, wearing white from top to toe might lead to you being trolled. Because that’s only allowed for the bride.

If you attempt a full-white look including shoes, it will turn heads in the event, and for obvious reasons.

So, can you wear white floral to a wedding? Certainly not unless you want to be brutally trolled for trying to steal the spotlight.

Therefore, avoid picking anything where white is the dominant color.

But wearing something with a whitish touch is never wrong. Your outfit could surely have a small amount of white to make it look classy.

To put it straightforwardly, your outfit might have white in the pattern with a small accent, but it shouldn’t compete with the bride’s dress.


Can I wear white sandals to a wedding?

Umm, sandals are surely not appropriate to attend a wedding. But you can definitely carry white sandals to an outdoor wedding if you prioritize comfort over anything. 

Can you wear white shoes to a bridal shower?

People often ask, can I wear white shoes to rehearsal dinner or a bridal shower? Yes, you can if the function doesn’t have a specific dress code. 

Can you wear white accessories to a wedding?

Surely, yes. But try putting in something that compliments your attire without offending the bride. You don’t want to outdo her with excessive bridal jewelry, right?

What color shoes can you wear to a wedding? 

It is said that when in doubt, wear nude. That also works for a wedding ceremony. You can try any nude or neutral pair of footwear not to outshine the bride. Besides, silver, light gray, blue, pink, etc. also goes well with a wedding guest outfit.

When to wear white shoes to a wedding? 

You can wear white shoes to a wedding in some special situations. It Is appropriate for a beach wedding in summer where the dress code is casual. Besides, you can wear them if the event is based on a white theme. 

Some non-traditional weddings also encourage putting on a white pair as a wedding guest. 

Final Words 

So, can you wear white shoes to a wedding? What do your findings suggest?

If you truly want, you can wear them for sure. But white shoes are not the best choices to attend a wedding. 

Instead, you can replace them with nude or natural colors. Also, please check for the bride’s apparel before you decide on your shoes and other accessories. 

Even if you wear a white pair, make sure to combine it with a non-white outfit. You certainly shouldn’t pair an elongated white gown with the same color shoes unless you are the bride.

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