Are Doc Martens Waterproof?

Are Doc Martens waterproof?  No, as Docs doesn’t contain a waterproof membrane,

they aren’t 100% waterproof. Besides, doc martens are made of leather which is water-resistant but not waterproof at all. That’s why Doc Martens aren’t ultimately waterproof. 

Are Doc Martens Waterproof Ultimate Guide Is Here!

Last week, I tried my Doc Martens shoe on a rainy day which ended with a complete disaster. I spent hours on the materials of Docs and got a few tips that help me to make my Docs waterproof. 

Unlike other modern boots, Doc Marten’s are not 100% waterproof and also Doc Marten’s aren’t good for snow. But they can be waterproofed through waterproofing-improving solutions. Even applying such types of solutions can completely make the shoe waterproof from water-resistant one. 

Still, need more clarification about Doc shoes? Go through our detailed guide to get a clear idea and pick any of our perfect tips to make your shoes waterproof quickly. 

Are Doc Martens Waterproof?

Gearassistant claimed that Doc Martens aren’t waterproof but are highly water resistant. Dr. Martens’s leather is made of naturally porous material. Although it’s not waterproof, the leather can protect your shoes from light rain, light cold, and feet to wet.  

When it comes to Doc shoes, you can make them waterproof from the water-resistant build-up. Using waxes, waterproof spray, and other substances can increase the resistance power of the shoe. Moreover, these products help keep the feet dry when walking in rain or snow.

In addition, if you apply waterproofing products to your shoe, you can wear the shoe in the rain for one hour or more. On the other hand, without waterproofing elements, you can’t wear the shoe for more than 20 minutes. 

However, the waterproofing elements improve waterproofing capability and increase its durability. We also think about that how long do Doc Martens last. Even by improving the waterproof feature of the shoe, you can increase its durability.

On top of that, Doc Martens can resist rainwater for a limited time. It’s not a problem if some rainwater gets inside the shoe. But in this case, the shoe shouldn’t be submerged in water. If they remain submerged for a longer time, these shoes may face severe damage.

Further, it is easy to identify whether Doc’s shoes are waterproof or not. Most waterproof shoes contain a small metal waterproof badge on the side of the shoe. If you find the badge, the shoe is waterproof. On the other hand, the boots are not only fully waterproof if you don’t get the badge.

Another way is to check the boot inside for leather material. If you find bare or vegan leather inside, the boot is Standard Docs but not waterproof. Again, some waterproof membranes have a fabric lining which makes these boots waterproof. 

How to Make Doc Martens Waterproof? 

To make Doc Marten’s shoe long-lasting and suitable for all seasons, it is better to transform it into waterproof. It is an easy way and helpful for all season Doc users. There are ways, including using Wonder Balsam, Wax, Dubbin, and waterproof spray to waterproof the Doc Martens. Let’s go through the waterproofing ways in detail. 

How to Make Doc Martens Waterproof 

Use Wonder Balsam 

It works magically to waterproof Doc’s shoes. The shoe care product is designed to nourish, condition, and protect the boot leather. Again, Wonder balsam is a mixture of synthetic waxes and natural beeswax, so keep the boot soft and polished.

At the same time, the ultra protector spray gives an extra waterproof layer to your shoe and saves it from rain or dirt. However, the using process of Wonder Balsam on Doc Shoe is so simple.

First, assemble all the kits, including clothes, water, sponge, and Wonder Balsam. Now, clean the boot with a dump cloth and dry it for a while. It is better to use Balsam Wax to get a quick clean at this stage. 

Afterward, take a sponge and scoop some Wonder Balsam. Then, apply it all over the boot but mainly focus on the tongue area, creases, and inside the leather. Once you complete the coating, soak the product for 20 minutes

At this point, you can apply an extra coat of Wonder Balsam if there are any scratches or visible marks on the boot. Once the process is complete, you can enjoy some magical changes.

Use Wax or Dubbin

Using Wax or Dubbin is the best way to make the Doc shoe waterproof. It is designed to maximize the water-resistant features of the shoe. In fact, Wax or Dubbin works great to protect the shoe from dirt and stains. Let’s have a look at the process to use the waterproofing material. 

First, clean the shoe properly before applying the Dubbin. Next, use a hair dryer to heat the shoe gently. Due to the heating, you can easily wax the shoe and penetrate the leather. If the wax is still hard to rub, warm the wax with a hair dryer. 

Now, take a small amount of Dubbin and apply it over the leather using a cloth. Try to apply the dubbin on a thin layer, as it leaves an oily film on the leather. After this, let the wax settle on the leather for an hour. Finally, the shoe will give a matte-finished look and make the leather waterproof. 

Use Waterproof spray 

It is another effective technique to waterproof the shoe. Using a waterproof spray is the easiest way than others. Also, applying wax is relatively harder to rub, creating a longer-lasting barrier. 

Most people can’t relate to these sprays. But water sprays are available online or in shoe stores. Besides, they are relatively inexpensive compared to wax or wonder balsam. Let’s go through the process of waterproofing with the spray. 

First of all, clean all the settled dirt from the shoe and allow it to dry up. Next, hang the shoe to a height where you can turn it around. After that, hold the spray bottle and spray at about 5 to 8 inches from the shoe. It is better to spray around the shoe gently for better results. Let it dry for a few minutes. To get the best result, we suggest you repeat the process 2-3 times.

Are Doc Martens Leather Shoes Waterproof?

No, Doc Martens’s leather isn’t waterproof due to the naturally porous material build-up. But, using a waterproofing product, you can increase their water resistance and make them waterproof. 

On top of that, using waterproofing solutions won’t make it 100% waterproofed. As a result, it’s better to use solution-treated Doc boot for a little long time. In fact, Doc boots aren’t ideal for wearing in heavy rainfall as the leather can absorb a small amount of water. If the doc boot is thoroughly wet, you must dry it up completely to avoid damage. 

Hence, it is clear to get waterproofing benefits by using a waterproofing material on the shoe. It happens as the waterproofing product offers an extra layer of protection against heavy rain.

Are Vegan Docs Martens Waterproof? 

Yes, Vegan Doc Martens are 100% waterproof as these shoes are made from synthetic materials according to wearablyweired.  As a result, you can choose the Vegan Doc if you desire a waterproof pair.

But plantpuree states that Doc Martens aren’t waterproof, though they are highly water-resistant. 

In addition, Vegan Doc leather comes with a smooth and leather-like finish. As the material build-up prevents water from entering the shoes, it makes the shoes waterproof. Moreover, the boot’s upper is made of 100% synthetic materials whereas, the inside is 100% textile. Due to such a combo, these material ensures a standard quality.

Along with that, Vegan doc comes with a 100% PVC sole which makes it slip-proof. In fact, the slip-proof feature of the shoe works excellently on any slippery surface. Hence, the slip boot is a great option for wearing in snowy weather. Also, the synthetic materials are soft, which makes cleaning easy, and takes only a little time to break in.


Why My Doc Martens Get Wet?

As doc martens aren’t fully waterproof, they can get wet. That’s why I never dunked these shoes into the water. It can handle just some light rain or moisture, not heavy rain or water-logged conditions.

Is Standard Doc Marten’s Waterproof?

No, it is slightly waterproof. It can handle light rain, but it can’t stand against heavy rain. As Doc Marten’s is made with non-waterproof materials, standard Doc Marten’s isn’t waterproof at all.

Is Doc Marten’s Suitable For All Weather?

Yes, it is suitable for all weather. Doc martens are weather resistant and keep your leg comfy & warm in any condition. Besides, the premium materials can offer a better walking experience in any weather.

What Leather Does Doc Martens Use?

Doc Martens uses “Martens Leather Care,” which is made with lanolin, beeswax, and coconut oil. It also uses premium wool from non-mulesed sheep, which makes the boot extremely comfortable.

Are Jadon Dr. Martens Waterproof?

No, Jadon Dr. Martens aren’t 100% waterproof as they used to make the shoes from natural leather, which isn’t actually waterproof material. 

Are Doc Martens 1640 waterproof? 

Doc Martens 1640 isn’t totally waterproof. But keep that thing in mind, doc martens are certainly water-resistant, so chances you have to use them in rain or water, because they offers premium leather with a better experience in any weather. 

Are Doc Martens Chelsea Boots Waterproof? 

Not at all. Dr. Martens Chelsea aren’t completely waterproof, but they offer water-resistant technology though. 

Are Doc Martens Sandal Waterproof? 

No, Dr. Marten’s sandals aren’t 100% waterproof, but you can use then in any weather to get a better experience of water-resistant. 

Final thoughts

We are at the end of our detailed guide. Due to the lack of a waterproof membrane and non-waterproof materials, Doc Martens are not considered waterproof shoes. As it has a highly water-resistant capability, it can protect the shoe from light rain. 

Also, we have added a few waterproof solutions which help to make the boot perfect for any weather. In fact, the new version of vegan Doc shoes is less porous but requires a waterproof lining. So, pick a Docs Marten shoe right now to enjoy comfort in any weather!

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