Are Chacos waterproof? Myth or Reality 

Chacos are one of the best durable and comfortable sandal-style footwear for outdoor activities. It has incredible popularity for whitewater rafting, hiking, boating and swimming. Despite its versatile usability, a common question about chacos is, are chacos waterproof?

Are chacos waterproof Myth or Reality 

Yes, chacos are partially waterproof. The chacos footbed is made from water-resistant and easily drying Polyurethane material. Polyurethane doesn’t absorb much water. Besides, the straps are made from quick-drying polyester. So, overall, chacos are moderately waterproof.

In this guide, we will discuss on are chacos sandals waterproof? What to do with wet chacos? How to take care of wet Chaco, and what are the best water-resistant chacos? So, let’s start to read the next section.

Are Chacos Waterproof?

Chacos are not completely waterproof. It can be called water-resistant. So, chacos can tolerate and withstand some exposure to water without any damage. However, prolonged exposure to water and lack of proper care can damage your chacos.

The chacos footbed material is Polyurethane, and the strap material is polyester. These materials can absorb a little water and can dry easily. So, it is not good to let your chacos get wet for longer. On the other hand, chacos have Vibram outsoles. The Vibram material is rubber. So, the outsole can repel certain water. Simply put, Chacos is semi-waterproof.

Are Chacos Good for the Pool?

Yes, chacos are suitable to use for the pool. Even you can use chacos for any watery environment. Sometimes, chacos useability for pool use depends on the sandal model and the user preference. The built material of the footbed, straps and outsole can resist water and dry quickly.

Are Chacos Good for the Pool

Chacos are good to wear for walking around the pool. Similarly, you can get into the pool water and swim there for a moderate time with your chacos. Remember that chacos are not intentionally designed for water sports. For example, chacos have not have hydrodynamic features like waterproof shoes. It may not be a comfortable or a good choice for your chacos to use in the water for long periods.

Are Chacos Good for the Beach?

The lightweight, breathable and easily drying chacos are a great choice for the beach. Here are some common reasons that are why chacos are a good choice for a beach

Are Chacos Good for the Beach
  • You will get excellent traction on sand from chacos sandals. Chacos will prevent slipping on watery surfaces.
  • These are easy to clasp on varieties of wet and slippery surfaces. So, you can protect yourself on the beach
  • The built material of chacos absorbs less water, so you won’t feel heavier despite getting wet

What To Do When Chacos Get Wet?

Chacos sandals need proper maintenance after getting wet. The maintenance includes two major factors washing and drying. When you’re chacos get wet, you should notice if they get dirty too. So, wash them with clean water. After washing with clean water, let the chacos sandal dry. Remember not to let those dry with heat. You must ensure that chacos are drying in the open air. Otherwise, both the footbed and straps of the chacos will damage. 

How To Clean and Dry Wet Chacos?

Proper cleaning and drying helps to protect your chacos from mold and mildew. Here are some effective steps to clean your wet chacos.

How To Clean and Dry Wet Chacos
  • Use a soft cloths or bristle brush to remove and loose dirt and sand from the chacos. Gently rub on the footbed and straps to prevent unexpected damage.
  • Hold the chacos under the faucet, or use a hose to rinse your chacos with fresh water. Rinse properly inside and outside the chacos so that there is no excess dirt.
  • Use mild detergent and a bristle brush to clean the footbed. Rub gently to remove the mud stain from the footbed.
  • Shake the chacos properly to remove excess water. Then let those proper drying in a well-ventilated area.
  • Avoid all types of heat sources for drying your chacos because heat can damage the polyester-made footbed and strap.
  • Use an adjustable buckle to tighten the straps after drying because straps may loosen after washing and drying.

How to Clean Chaco Sport Sandals in the Washing Machine?

You can wash your chacos in the washing machine. Here are some tips for washing chacos sandals in the washing machine.

  • Shake your chacos and use a soft, dampened cloth to remove all loose and sticky dirt
  • Use a mesh bag or a pillow cover to give extra protection for your chacos sandals
  • Use mild soap or detergent and set the washing machine in a gentle cycle
  • Must avoid using fabric softeners or bleach to prevent damaging
  • Don’t use hot water to wash the chacos in the electric washing machine because hot water can shrink the sandal
  • Remove your chacos from the washing machine and let them dry in an open, ventilated area

How to Clean Chaco Sport Sandals by Hand?

For cleaning chacos, use a hard brush to remove the loosened dirt from the chacos surface. Then make a mixture solution with equal baking soda and water. Remember to avoid chemical cleaners like chlorine to protect straps from damage. Also, avoid vinegar and rubbing alcohol for cleaning. Use an old but clean toothbrush to rub on the chacos surface, straps and footbed. After a gentle rubbing rinse, the chacos are under the running water like a faucet or bathtub. Allow your chacos sandals to air dry after washing completely.

How to Floss Chaco Sandals

First of all, soak the straps in water for some time. Take a squirt bottle and pour some fabric softener into the slots. Then pull the straps back and forth to floss the straps. This process will remove the accumulated sand, dirt, or debris from the straps. Lastly, rinse the flossed straps of your chacos with clean water. You can get a new-like chacos after flossing properly.

How Long Do Chacos Last If They Get Wet?

Can chacos get wet? Yes, chacos can get wet. The lifespan of chacos is not related to wet or dry conditions. Chacos are made from durable materials that can last up to ten years. But with proper care, chacos will last longer. Washing, flossing and drying are the basic parts of chacos maintenance. Regular use can cause chacos sandals to gradually develop an odor despite thoroughly cleaning the chacos. You can use some odor-resistant spray to prevent bad smells. On the contrary, Due to lack of proper care and prolonged wetness, your chacos sandals can get damaged easily.

Which Chacos Are Waterproof?

Chacos offer a wide range of footwear, from boots to slides and sandals. Chacos has produced a range of sandals for men, women and children. Luckily, most of the chacos are semi-waterproof and water resistant. Also, note that maximum chacos are designed for use in different water sports. Z/1, Z/Cloud 2, Z/Volv, and Banded Z are common waterproof models but they are expensive. Besides, all Odyssey models are waterproof. If you want waterproof chacos, check out your preferred model from this series.


1. Can I use Chacos for water activities like rafting or kayaking?

Can you wear chacos in water? yes, you can use chacos for water activities like rafting and kayaking. Chacos are not made specifically for water sports but work very well for water sports. Remember one thing there are better options for kayaking or rafting than chacos. But you can rely on these as a better option.

2. Are all Chacos equally water-resistant?

Are all chacos waterproof? no, not all chacos are equally water-resistant. Some chacos are highly water-resistant. Due to the durable polyethene footbed material and polyester straps built, chacos are great for water sports. On the other hand, some chacos are made for regular use and made from non-water-resistant material.

3. How can I make my Chacos more waterproof?

Chacos are not completely waterproof. But by applying some techniques, you can make your chacos more waterproof. Here are some basic tips to make chacos waterproof.

  • Applying a waterproofing spray can increase the Chaco’s withstand power in the water.
  • Use beeswax for leather-made chacos to increase the waterproofness
  • Try a waterproofing wax that helps to keep the quality of your chacos after getting wet

Final Words:

We hope you have already known whether are chacos are waterproof. Simply put, chacos are moderate in waterproof features. You can use chacos for all kinds of water sports. Remember that chacos are not dedicatedly made for water sports. So, you should go with another model if there have another option. But chacos would perform great when you do not have another option.

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